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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by SoUnique, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Stopped at the post office at lunch today to pick up mail, opened my PO Box to find two envelopes with bubble wrap inside, Hmmm, that means something good. Also 2 parcel pickup cards too. And I was expecting a bunch of bills.:facepalm:

    I got 2 orders I bought from the classifieds, a replacement battery to replace a dud I bought, and my Lava Tube that I won last week. CEV even included 2 10mls of juice with the LT, Rum Tobacco & Black Honey Tobacco. I'll definitely be ordering juice from them, it'd pretty good. :D

    For anyone who wants the ingredients listed on the label, CEV does it.

    :banana: as I :vapor: the day away.
  2. Sec

    Sec Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sooo jealous! My stuff is somewhere between ON and NB. If Canada Post knew how to update their dam tracking I'd be a little happier. 2 days with no updates!!

    Enjoy your gear SoUnique and dont forget those less fortunate..........ME! lol
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