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  1. Drex

    Drex Full Member

    So I went to a local Hookah shop and sampled e-juice flavors from Vapor-Blends last week. I tried about 10 of their flavors at the sampling station and must say they are nasty. The one I thought I could live with was Double Apple since I've been vaping fruit flavors as of late. I bought a 10ml bottle of the Double Apple at 16mg and tried it when I got home. The favor tastes like perfume and menthol, with a very subtle red apple. I figured the taste would get better after steeping for a week with the cap off. Nope. It reminds me of cough syrup. I'm guessing the shop sampled the flavors and thought "this smells like a hookah flavor! Let's stock it!"

    Anyone else try Vapor-Blends juice and had a better experience?
  2. Empi666

    Empi666 Senior Member

    I was searching on here for someone or something about vapor-blends juice. My b&m around the corner stocks these and I picked 4 10ml bottles up for $20 which isn't too bad.

    I got double apple, tobacco and island cherbert from this brand.

    Double apple - first few vape and it's good but soon after it becomes real chemical tasting and no apple.

    Island cherbert - very good. I was using this as an adv for a while.really holds its flavor.

    Tobacco - I'm not an expert with tobacco blends but I found this to be good. Tobaccos to me taste like caramel and I liked this one.
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