Vapor Viper Ultimate EM091 set-battery powered passthru

Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by SMILIN, Mar 18, 2009.

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    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    We have just received our battery pass thru's with actual rechargeable battery packs. Our passthu's work on usb, and mobile. Very nice. Our ultimate kit consists of 2 atomizers, 3 battery's, and a fabulous custom battery powered passthru. Included as well is 20 cartridges, from36mg-6mg, and 20 ml bottle of liquid.

    This kit is a limited edition of 5o units. You can choose silver, blue, or combo...along with either silver or blue battery passthru.

    I have put this Kit together to commerate my new Customer Service repersentitive "deficit" Chris Clower who is a computer magician, working on the ultimate new website.

    We would like to wlecome you to our wacky world of intense vapors. This is the ultimate 901 package for you 901 lovers out there. We are pricing this so it is affordable, as well as wonderful.

    Please get in touch with Chris asap, to reserve yours today.

    69.95 including shipping for the first lucky Vapor4life lovers.:shock:

    I need a vacation, I am burnt:evil:Please say hello to Chris...

    Hi this is Chris, and I want to give you a little bit of my background with vaping. I started out buying expensive products because I thought they'd be the best. Ended up with a dead battery in 5 days and the second battery dead in a week. I struggled with customer service and knew people deserved a better product and a better service, not to mention pricing. I was determined to quit analogs, but I needed a reliable product that I could count on.

    I had thought about becoming a supplier so that I could provide that I thought customers deserved, because I understand the frustration people go through when buying expensive products with no backing. I didn't know how or where to find the best product -- until now.

    I purchased a Vapor King and Vapor Viper from Steve, though I was leery about the low price, assuming quality might be even worse. But I heard from a few good sources that it was a great product and decided to give it a shot. I loved the product so much that I gave it a nearly perfect review, I had never tried anything better!

    I started talking to Steve, one thing led to another and I came from Ohio to Chicago yesterday so we could meet and talk about business. Steve has not only helped me accomplish my goal of finding the best product on the market, but is helping me accomplish my goal of becoming a supplier with him and being able to provide you with the product and service I had wanted to be able to offer.

    Steve said this EM901 ultimate kit is a tribute to me, but to me it is not. To me it is a tribute to all of you and a celebration of many great years to come of the best products, services and prices we can possibly offer. We want to thank you for being our customers and providing us with the opportunity to give you what you deserve.

    I am greatly looking forward to serving all of you now and in the future! Cheers, and happy St. Patrick's day!!


    *** EDIT: The sale on free shipping to the USA is has ended, so please include $6.95 shipping to all orders. The first 50 ultimate sets have also been SOLD, so the price of the 901 ultimate kit is now $79.95, which is still an unbeatable price. Thanks and congratulations to those first 50 who got $10 off + free shipping on this offer! ***
  2. Bulldog44

    Bulldog44 Super Member ECF Veteran

    How do we get in touch with Chris?

    P.S. Though I have only had one order with SMILIN I was beyond pleased. I am a very leery person but I gotta give credit where it is due and he gets credit.

  3. ZambucaLu

    ZambucaLu ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Chris is Deficit. If you locate a post of his, you can probably PM him...or write to that new email address Steve mentioned.

    I wonder if there are pix of this somewhere?

    Sounds like quite a deal, doesn't it Bulldog. I don't even use 901s and I'm

  4. Bulldog44

    Bulldog44 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I bought 901s from SMILIN and seriously, he isn't giving me any doggy treats or anything but the guy is not only super nice but also provides an affordable good product. Now if he will rub my belly til my legs start kickin' then we are in business. :)
  5. Ross

    Ross Full Member

    I'm sold let me know when they are ready to ship. I'll take one.
  6. ZambucaLu

    ZambucaLu ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Steve said this in his OP:

    Please get in touch with Chris asap, to reserve yours today.

    So you might want to email or PM Deficit.

  7. firhill

    firhill Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    I PM'ed you hoping I can snag one of these sets. Please keep us posted and thanks.


    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran


    Cris left my place about 4 hours ago, he should be home in another 4.....he PROMISED me he would put SMILES:Don all faces. Thanks:cool:

  9. cyndezu

    cyndezu Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You can count me in for a blue one!:w00t:
  10. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Hey all! I apologize for not providing my email address! you can reach me at for orders and inquiries. I will get to them as soon as I can, I just drove about 7 hours, got home about 2 hours ago, unloaded all the stock and answered quite a few emails and private messages - I didn't get a chance to get to everyone, but I will get back to everyone today. Thank you all for the overwhelming response!

    It's been a long very day and I'm exhausted! I apologize that I didn't get to reply to everyone just yet, but I will get to everyone before the end of the day, and I'm also going to be shipping out some orders today. If there are any delays I sincerely apologize, but the response to this has been great so far, keep it up!

    I'm going to do the best I can to sort the stock I have, take inventory on everything and process orders as quickly as possible, so please be patient but I promise to get to everything quickly.

    Thanks again to all who have welcomed me to my new team, all who have expressed interest in our products and all who have ordered from us!! :)

  11. nealglover

    nealglover Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Chris, I have emailed about an order this morning (

    Looking forward to hearing from you and getting my order sorted :) if you can email or PM me details I can place my order as soon as possible (901 kit as above and Vapor King)

    Many thanks

  12. sdclifford

    sdclifford Full Member

    I have been trying to order for the last 5 days. I did make contact with Steve and thought I was in the process as of last Saturday but have not received any answers to e-mails since. I have never tried e-cigarettes so I spent many hours researching. After seeing Leaford's and Deficit's reviews, I thought Steve was the person I should order from. I am pretty disappointed whith the whole experience so far. I guess it is back to the drawing board for me.
  13. pwholmes

    pwholmes Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Make sure you email Steve and Chris at their new email address, I sent a message to Chris last night and had a reply this morning.

    I believe the smilinenterprise email is no longer valid, or is not being utilized.
  14. Ross

    Ross Full Member

    Like PW said. try the new email address. sounds like things have been pretty crazy for Steve this week, but now he has Chris helping out. I'm sure Chris will take care of you.
  15. sdclifford

    sdclifford Full Member

    I too sent an e-mail last night to the new e-mail address. No reply yet.
  16. Peaches

    Peaches Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Chris, I also just emailed you. I want the blue & silver kit. Do I make payment to or your email?
  17. f7eleven

    f7eleven Full Member

    I just sent payment for one of these ultimate 901 packs and a vaporking starter. Can't wait 'til they arrive!!
  18. Northern Bob

    Northern Bob Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Assuming they ship to the Great White North, I emailed them today at the vaporforlife address in hopes of a blue kit. Also asked how to pay for it.

    Hpe I'm not too late as it is a good deal.

  19. f7eleven

    f7eleven Full Member

    the reply i got back from the vapor4life@gmail account was to just sent money to the aol account and put details of what you want into the comments of the paypal transaction. i also got another email saying that free shipping is gone and to include $6.95 for shipping in the total. still seems like a good deal though.
  20. Deficit

    Deficit Moved On

    Hello all, I got to all the emails up to about 2:00 today, still sorting inventory and processing orders. I will get to everyone's emails ASAP.

    All those who had already ordered the 901 ultimate at the $69 were the first 50, so no worries there.

    Thanks everyone!
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