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Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by sleepygirl, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Company name
    Vapor World ​
    Date of your initial complaint to the supplier.
    9 August 2014 ​
    How did you contact the supplier
    Live support ​
    Ticket number (if you were issued one)
    - ​
    General nature of complaint
    Customer service ​
    Briefly describe your problem or issue
    On 8/09 I received an order I placed for, what I thought, were 2: 5 pack coils for my Aero tank. When I opened my package there were only 2 single coils. Their website shows a box of coils on the coil page and never gives any hint that you will be purchasing single coils on the Aero tank coil page itself. I initiated a web chat and was initially helped by a women whose name I didn't get. I asked to return the 2 single coils at their cost due to the misleading website information. The initial women handed me over to a women named Taryn who I will never forget because she treated me worse than any "customer service" representative I have ever encountered. She asked how she could help me and again I stated I would like to return at their cost due to the misleading advertisement. She told me that it is "clearly stated" that you are purchasing single coils and I paid for 2 of them and that is how it is. Well, I had already quadruple double checked before reaching out to them and she is wrong. Not only did it not make it clear when I purchased but they haven't even bothered to make changes to the site since the incident. After basically telling me I was wrong and SOL she asked me if there was anything else she could "help me" with. I let her know that she never helped me at all and it was pretty obvious she wasn't going to. THE :censored: WEBSITE DOESN'T MAKE IT CLEAR YOU ARE PURCHASING SINGLE COILS. Would it have killed them to look at their ad #1 and pay the $1.50 it would cost to ship back. I will never purchase from them again and they have lost a good customer. I told Taryn that and she couldn't have cared less. The absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered.:nah::nah::nah::nah:
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