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Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by the situation, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. the situation

    the situation Full Member

    So i ordered from, i ordered mt.dewey, mango, cotton candy, pineapple, and root beer float. When i got my order they threw in an extra bottle of mango for free. All were 11 mg.

    Mt. Dewey- the taste was pretty good. The vapor production is really good. Throat hit was decent.
    Over all: Taste=7 Vapor Production= 9 Throat hit= 6

    Mango- the taste....there really was no taste at ALL!!! Now i know why they threw in a free one, Vapor production was really good, throat hit was ok
    over all: Taste= 0 Vapor production= 9 Throat hit=5

    Cotton Candy- the taste was pretty good, really sweet. The vapor production is good, the throat hit the best of the ones i bought
    Over all: Taste: 7 Vapor production: 9 Throat it=8

    Pineapple- the taste is really good, great fruit flavoring. The vapor production is ok, the throat hot is ok.
    Over all: Taste: 8 Vapor production: 7 Throat hit= 7

    Root Beer Float- The taste is really good, this is a very thick e juice! The vapor production is very good. The throat hit is very good.
    Over all: Taste: 9 Vapor Production: 8 Throat hit: 9

    So all in all the juices were great EXCEPT for Mango:mad:, that juice was terrible. But the rest i would buy again!
    Happy vaping!!! :toast:
  2. EricB

    EricB Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dude, did you get the memo from Vapure this week ? I did :D You can't beat the clearance prices for the overstocked items. The clearance is on until the 19th or until stock runs out.
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