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Discussion in 'ProVari' started by soba1, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. soba1

    soba1 Ultra Member

    I did do a brief search and could find one dedicated to it in the Provari forum.
    But after using an itaste v/v v/w and using my provari which is only v/v
    I am honestly beginning to think that v/v v/w is somewhat hype.

    I say that because this thing is very powerful. Sometimes using
    a 2.7 ohm head I can lower my Provari to say 3.9 even 3.8 volts and still
    get a pretty good vape.

    Just my thoughts, I know some of you have v/v v/w's also.
  2. ImThatGuy

    ImThatGuy Ultra Member Verified Member

    Uh...keep in mind the provari has a 800hz PWM, while most, I say most, VV/VWs are throwing off lower than that...maybe 133hz...
  3. soba1

    soba1 Ultra Member

    I understand the hertz but whats a PWM?

  4. ImThatGuy

    ImThatGuy Ultra Member Verified Member

  5. soba1

    soba1 Ultra Member

    So basically its basically pushing the wattage a lot faster than most which has almost no drop in power.
    So the 800hz would be Husein Bolt and the 133hz would beeeee me.
  6. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru

    It's actually 33 hz, not 133 hz if I'm not mistaken. I liken the difference more like the low sub-sonic rumble of a sub-woofer to the silence of a dog whistle.
  7. soba1

    soba1 Ultra Member

    I think its sinking in. Its the more I use it the more impressed I become.
  8. Thrasher

    Thrasher Vaping Master Verified Member

    its also the effect of the regulation, the voltage you set is exactly what comes out the end, 3 volt or 5.5 volt it is what you set. even if the battery is not full charge or the resistance in the atty changes a little. it will constantly monitor itself and readjust to the setting you ask for.

    what does this mean to you? the voltage is hotter and more steady, where a lesser chip may have some drift as the battery dies off or you ask it to push harder or a 4v setting is actually 3.8 ish or maybe 4.1 today. there is zero voltage sag or drop with the provari so its gonna fry that little coil good.
  9. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master

    Rattlesnake sound is usually associated with the slower PWM rate...the Provari and other high end VW don't have that because it's pulsing so much faster
  10. soba1

    soba1 Ultra Member

    Got it thanks all
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