Vermillion Juice with Atomizers, Cartomizers or Clearomizers? Which is best??

Discussion in 'Vermillion River E-Juice' started by monuoha, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. monuoha

    monuoha Full Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what your experiences have been with getting the best flavor with vermillion juices.

    Ive discovered that I personally enjoy them best either with direct dripping or with a cartomizer. I personally hate using cartos and attys but find that they give the best flavor with my collection of vermillion juices.

    I stopped using attys and cartos entirely for a while now relying mostly on clearos. But for some reason the clearomizers (stardusts, phoenix bottom coils) give me either no flavor, muted or watered down flavor. This seems to happen primarily only with vermillion juices. They seem to vape just fine with juices from elsewhere.

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed that. I love my vermillion juices. They are my all day vape hands down. Wish I could enjoy the full taste on a clearo though.
  2. ZooKansas

    ZooKansas Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Have a vivi-nova coming in...and was planning on putting some VR Malibu Pineapple in wondering if they would vape well in a vivi-nova or stardust clearomizer...any help would be much appreciated...thx
  3. betaalex

    betaalex Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have a very similar experience with OP. In CEs - little or no flavor. So I prefer Kentucky Premium line in cartomizers.

    Two more comments:
    1. These juices are somewhat thick for cartomizers

    2. I use standard 808 gear. In other words I vape at 3.6V and ~2.8Ohm. And I always have a feeling that these juices would benefit from a more powerful device (higher voltage and/or lower resistance). I hope that someone with VV device will confirm this observation
  4. NCVapingLady

    NCVapingLady Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I can't speak for anything other than VR's Kentucky Premium line, however, I do vape VR's KPB line of juice with a Darwin (Variable Wattage) and my husband vapes VR's juice with a Provari (Variable Voltage) and would have to agree that higher voltage/watts definitely appeals to us more. However, we have been vaping at 5v'ish for quite awhile and prefer the warmer vape. I just dialed mine down to 3.6v and although the vape was much cooler, the flavor was still there however, just not as prominent at the higher voltage/wattage.
    As for the viscosity of the juice for a cartomizer, we've been using VR's KPB line of juice for over a year now in our carto tanks and it wicks and vapes exceptionally well. And although I'm not sure of the ratio of PG vs VG in the KPB line, the juice is not overly thick.
    I have little experience with clearos (the ones I have tried tanked!), so unfortunately I have no hints or tips on that one.
    Hope this helps :)!
  5. MightyWhighty

    MightyWhighty Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    The consistency of VR's juices is most definitely NOT too thick for absolutely any carto. All of their flavors scale very well with voltages (3.2, 3.8, 4, doesn't matter). They really don't vape well on stardusts (no idea why), but they do on every atty and carto I've used. I don't have much good experience with clearos because they've always been a bust for me.
  6. VaprMade

    VaprMade Full Member Verified Member

    I only use HH357's, but a friend of mine uses cartos. Now I may be biased in this area but nothing comes close to the flavor of a quality atty. I always feel like Im getting muted flavor with the cartos.
  7. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I have vaped Vermillion on both atty's and carto's at all different wattages :) The tobacco blends are 70/30, fruit blends 60/40. I do find that on higher watts you will get slightly different subtlities in taste than lower watts. I use MOSTLY 1.7 ohm at 3.8 to 4.2 watts (I like heat) but some of the fruits I like on a 2.5 at 4.5 volts. The trick is to experiment and find what YOU like the best! :)
    Carto's, Atty's, Clearo's..... they are all just a matter of preference.
  8. betaalex

    betaalex Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Have you tried to vape Vermillion juices in a small pen-style carto (it's 808 Volt's in my case)? Well, it's vapable (kind of) but not as good as with thinner juices.
  9. CatLady007

    CatLady007 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I've been using Kentucky Applewood, Peachwood, Cherrywood; Hawaiian Pineapple, and Pomegranate in my Volt cartos for over a year, now. In the last 6 months I've added Cinnamon Rolls and KY4. They all perform exceptionally well with my Volt equipment.
  10. PatrickG

    PatrickG Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I noticed this on stardusts as well, and I can't explain it either. It wicks fine for me, just mutes the flavor.

    I use smoktech super shorty 2.0 ohm cartomizers. They're kind of in between an atty and a carto. Good flavor, less dripping...
  11. betaalex

    betaalex Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well, we obviously use the same SI equipment so it's probably difference in perception: glass is half-full or half-empty type of thing.

    I agree that with freshly charged battery and new cartomizer Vermilion River juice performs fairly well (maybe even great; but I still think/feel that it would benefit from a slightly higher voltage). But when a carto has been refilled 10+ times (being cheap is not a crime, right? :)) and battery is not so fresh - in these conditions I can clearly see the difference compared to thinner (read SI, for example) e-liquids.
  12. Mr. White

    Mr. White Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm a fan of Applewood and Vanilla, and I've been through most of the options--started with 808s, went to bottom feeders, have tried VV with carto tanks, and I have to say that I get the "cleanest" flavors, for lack of a better term, from the RBAs--that's the Rebuildable Atomizers--aka Mesh and Coil--aka Genesis style atties.

    Until I went RBAs, the HH357 was my favorite atty. I get a lot more depth of flavor from my Zenesis these days. It really is an outstanding vape, and the Vermillion juices wick just fine with 400 mesh. I run 4 or 5 coils depending on my mood:) With 4 coils, I get more tobacco flavors, 5 coils, which is a bit cooler, brings out the fruit flavors a bit more.

    Hadn't seen any of the RBA fans respond, so I thought I'd give a plug to my favorite set up these days.
  13. MissP

    MissP Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I have not tried rebuildable yet, but I am in a co-op for the vivi nova's :) Gonna give my hand a try at rebuilding them!
  14. monuoha

    monuoha Full Member

    Well I just tried my VR juices on my Provari + mini vivi nova and noticed:

    On the Applewood @ voltages over 4v, I barely taste the apple and get dry hits for some reason quite abit. Finished off the tank at about 3.7v with ok flavor. Not as good as when I had it in a carto tank or atty.

    The Kentucky Premium Blend however gave excellent VTF at 4.5v but started getting dry as the liquid dropped below a half tank. Flavor returned after dropping down to 4v, no dry hits.

    I guess these juices perform better in specific setups because my Nova's perform excellent on ALL my other vendor juices regardless of voltage.
  15. monuoha

    monuoha Full Member

    Wish I was techie enough to try an RBA. Seems like the best way to go.
  16. PatrickG

    PatrickG Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've had the same reservation, but certain ones have gotten so cheap I finally ordered one...though I can't imagine vanilla blend tasting much better than it already does...
  17. zipflint

    zipflint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I got a sampler from Vermillion River and it was WAY too harsh when using clearos with either my Volt, Halo G6, or Volt X2. However, today I'm trying them in some regular old cartos and it's much much better. I still get lots of flavor and vapor, but without the severe burn I was getting from the clearos. I can't figure that out. And when I say "burn" I mean literally. Burns on my tongue, as if from trying to drink coffee that's WAY too hot! Doesn't happen with any other vendors' juice.
    Go figure.
  18. TalkingCactus

    TalkingCactus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Love my VR juices! I've run Kentucky Cherrywood through everything from the new Joye eRoll (tiny, tiny tank system similar to eGo-T, but tiny) which it vapes excellent on, to a cheap changeable coil Kanger clearomizer using 1.8ohm coil which it also vapes excellent on (BTW: the KR CC Clearo sits on a Joye eGo-C Twist set to 3.7v & backed down to 3.5v when the unit warms up). Even used a knock off ViVi Nova on a Twist w/excellent flavor, tho I do notice towards the end of the tank of juice the color of the juice darkens and at the very end (at appx. 0.15ml juice left) I can taste a slight burnt funk from what is now a very dark juice. Note, this darkening has only happened w/the Fruit Stripe Illusion and Florida Citrus Explosion in my knock off ViVi.
  19. zipflint

    zipflint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I just got a few samplers from heathersheavenlyvapes and they hit me the same way as Vermillion River's stuff. Waaay too harsh in a clearo, but FANTASTIC in a carto.
    Go figure.
: halo, provari
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