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Discussion in 'Variable Voltage APV Discussion' started by look30, May 1, 2013.

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  1. look30

    look30 Super Member Verified Member

    What is the difference when you vape using VV or VW ?

    Please explain , noobie question I know but I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me (can't post in noob forum cause I'm too chatty :).

    BTW. I am vaping on a Sigelei Telecope Zmax V3.
  2. yzer

    yzer Vaping Master

    With either you can control output power equally as well. With VV you must change voltage manually when you switch to an atomizing device of a different resistance. With VW you can switch out devices of different resistances as often as you want and not worry about adjusting voltage. That adjustment will be done automatically by the APV to give you your desired power in watts. VW is just a smarter and more convenient upgrade to VV. With VV/VW you have the best of both worlds.

    Using the Sigelei in VV mode can allow you change your output power in smaller increments than with the VW mode (.1V). However, most users find the .5W increments in Power (VW) mode to be more than sufficient.
  3. shihchuansun

    shihchuansun Full Member Verified Member

    Ohm's law
    Amp = Voltage / Resistance

    Joule's law
    Wattage = Voltage * Amperage

    Wattage = Voltage * (Voltage / Resistance)

    For VV mode, you change the voltage output of the device in efforts to change the wattage (power/heat).

    As an example, if you have a 2.0 ohm atomizer and have the setting on 4 volts, your total power = 4*4/2 = 8 watts.
    If you increase the voltage to 6, then you've increased the total power from 8 watts to total power = 6*6/2 = 18 watts of total power.

    VW mode works backwards from VV mode. You first decide what wattage (power/heat) you want as your output first. Then the device reads what the resistance of your atomizer is, and finally decide what voltage to apply in order to achieve the wattage output.

    As an example. If you have a 2 ohm atomizer, and have the setting on 8 watts, the device will give an output of 4 volts to reach that setting.
    If you change your atomizer to 1.5 ohm, the device will change the voltage accordingly down to ~3.5 volts to still give 8 watts.

    VV settings are good if you want to make small adjustments to your vaping experience.
    VW settings are good for "set it and forget it" type of vaping experience.

    Careful with VV settings if you switch between high and low resistance atomizers. Forgetting to adjust the voltage accordingly will result in potentially burning the atomizer, juice, or coils.
  4. look30

    look30 Super Member Verified Member

    Awesome :) , now I finally undestand why I did good to buy a VW APV.
  5. look30

    look30 Super Member Verified Member

    So basically the VW will only need to be set once if I use the same juice in atty's with different resistance.
  6. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    I agree that VW is a better way to manage power when vaping than VV. In addition, as the resistence of your atty/carto changes due to use, a VW model PV will adjust the power output to maintain your original setting.
  7. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    Yes, VW is "set & forget". VV is not.
  8. jangeisler

    jangeisler Senior Member Verified Member

    Yup. Both does the same, only with vv you have to know your ohms, then set your volts to get the desired watts. VW is a great shortcut, and also set and forget. :)
  9. nahoku

    nahoku Super Member Verified Member

    VW is only "set and forget" if all you're using are single coil atomizers. Once you introduce dual-coils atty's, VW "somewhat" flies out the door. You can read THIS for an explanation of why that is.
  10. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    I use dual coils all the time with my Vamo and never have an issue. That explanation (if somewhat correct) does not negate the advantages of VW. And I don't have to have an electrical engineering degree to know that dual coil atty/cartos provide fuller/warmer vapor on an APV that can handle them, like the Vamo.
  11. nahoku

    nahoku Super Member Verified Member

    That explanation is not "somewhat correct"... it is correct. I really don't feel like arguing electronics with you, but if you took some time to learn some basic electronics, (specifically ohms law for parallel circuits), it might make sense then. In the mean time, you can believe whatever you wish. As I stated in that write up... "Some people may not be able to tell the difference because you are still vaping at 9 watts total." The writeup is to explain misconceptions about dual vs single coil power and how it's related to VW. You cannot simply state that VW is set and forget in all cases... to do so is misinformation. That fuller/warmer vape you're getting is just your perception because one of the dual coils is sitting closer to the top of the carto.
  12. Topwater Elvis

    Topwater Elvis Ultra Member

    I've owned several VW devices, IMO the so called benefit of VW set it and forget it is hog wash.

    In my case 3 different flavor juices (same pg/vg and nic) in 3 of the exact same delivery devices.
    Set it for the tobacco flavor then the 2 other flavors taste burnt, set it for the fruit / lighter flavors the tobacco flavors lacks in all areas of vape quality.
    It is still necessary to fiddle / adjust constantly if you switch flavors frequently even when using the same exact ohm delivery devices.
  13. nahoku

    nahoku Super Member Verified Member

    Absolutely true! Juice doesn't all vaporize at the same temp, much less taste as expected just because you use VW. I won't go as far as to say it's hogwash since it does get you close, but it is far from set and forget, as you still have to adjust.
  14. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    Then my "perception" (which I don't agree with your characterization) along with hundreds of other vapers on the performance of both VW vaping and dual coil attys/cartos, is opposite yours. I've vaped on approximately 25 different PV's along with just about every attachment one can use, and know the difference in performance. Your experience I'm sure is "vast" based on vaping for all of what appears to be a couple of months. My electrician friends who vape actually agree with my "perception". And the electrical engineer who developed one of the first VW models on the market also agrees with my "perception". But hey, with your vast experience and electrical background, I'm sure we (including the electrical engineer with a degree from MIT) must be wrong and you are right that there is no difference in performance and dual coils don't work well with VW.
  15. Buckshot

    Buckshot Senior Member Verified Member

  16. nahoku

    nahoku Super Member Verified Member

    You missed the entire point. Since when does vaping time have anything to do with electronics? Learn ohm's law, apply it to dual and single coils, figure out the power dissipation, and see if your "perception" can justify the results. If you can't do it, just ask your friends to help you since they're all engineers. Hey, you can even ask the MIT guy!

    And... you don't need to take my word for it... take PBusardo's or GrimmGreen's... you might have more "respect" for them since they've been vaping for oh soooooo long just like you. By the way, I hope your "experience" with vaping over 25 different PV's can help you understand the link between a Kick and how it relates to PV's running in VW mode.
  17. shihchuansun

    shihchuansun Full Member Verified Member

    Very much true, but I didn't say that VW was a magic mind reading genie that knows what wattage you like certain Juices. If you know you like vaping XYZ flavor at 9 watts, then VW would be great without needing to figure out what ohm your atomizer is at to change the voltage to match. That is where the "set it and forget it" portion comes in. Even Ron Popeil wouldn't set his roaster on chicken and just throw a turkey in...
  18. Topwater Elvis

    Topwater Elvis Ultra Member

    Such sarcastic hostility from the VW rulz crowd, have a bran muffin and calm down it's just vaping not rocket surgery.

    Like I said Ive owned and used several VW devices. I found no benefit to my preference / style of vaping and prefer VV.
    If you find some benefit from VW, great, Im happy for you.
  19. yzer

    yzer Vaping Master

    Most vapers will get VW in a VV/VW APV. It's not like anyone has to forsake one for the other. Besides, it's not like VV/VW costs a huge amount more than VV alone.
  20. munsterrr

    munsterrr Can't stop, won't stop Verified Member

    I switch between VW and VV on an hourly basis. Don't know if it's my "tinkering" mentality but I find(what i feel are) sweet spots that one can not hit.

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