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Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by greenblobo9, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Hey, I am new to these forums PVs and of course DIY e liquid. So today I got my protank 2 to go on me ego style battery. I ordered 10 Lorann dram bottles and I was wondering what I could make with the flavors I have. I made one 30ml batch but it wasn't the best so I want my next batch to be a little more quality :)
    These are the flavors I got:

    Cotton Candy
    Tropical Punch
    Pina Colada
    Orange Cream
    And I used the rest of my strawberry kiwi in my first batch

    Any ideas or pre existing recipes which might make a dope second batch. Thanks!!
  2. kineard

    kineard Full Member

    Tropical punch and grape should make a satisfying sour tart. In a 10ml bottle I would use 15 drops of each. Lorannes orange cream sucks. If you find a good use let me know. I would probably mix it with Licorice to try and get an absence flavor. Peach is good by its self. Cotton candy and apple are useless. So I would make some hard candy with those two.
  3. Stosh

    Stosh Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    The way I started out was to make up a big batch of unflavored nicotine base in my favorite mg strength.

    Then make up 3 to 5 mL batches of each flavor by itself, shake 'em up and taste each. Once you know how
    much flavoring to add so that you like it, you can drip a couple drops of different combinations into an atty.
    See what combinations you like, like cooking, taste the ingredients and spices, then make up combinations. :)
  4. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Remember to write down what you put in so you can remake it! Have fun!! I'm waiting on some different flavors myself so I can start experimenting again. I've been DIY'ing for 8 months it's time for some new stuff. Happy vaping to ya!
  5. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    I'm bad with drop as I have different size droppers and my anxiety always makes my hands shake really bad when it comes to cooking up something that requires precision. It's funny I guess but it makes counting drops hard. I know that's really stupid but anyway what percentage would you say that 15 drops in a 10ml solution is?
  6. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Thanks that's a good idea that way I don't waste my small dram bottles
  7. Spydro

    Spydro Sindoyen Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I too would recommend making smaller test batches. Making 30ml of unproven is a shot in the dark, and it will tak emuch longer to steep and mature (if you don't have a UC). I do mine 5ml and usually have 12-15 going at a time to find more ADV's for my stash. I'm working with 40+ flavors even though I've only been doing DIY for a few months now. Some are real easy, some still have me guessing, but I have not had any attempts so bad they got tossed out because I did lots of reasearch first.

    I'd also suggest you download the eJuice Me Up calculator. Lots of recipes already there to weed through. Another rec is to check out e-Liquid Calc authored by ECF member daath. Easyh to use, lots of recipes submitted by ECF members that you can do a search for by flavor. For example, I just ran grape and got 5, peach and got 20 to choose from. e-Liquid Calculator

    As I said I am fairly new at DIY too, don't do a lot with fruit vapes, but can add some notes from my short experiences that may or may not help you. Some weak flavors have a small window they work in, use too little OR too much and you won't get them. Strong flavors can be over-powering, so go easy with them. As a new to DIY, doing it KISS works better than trying to get too complex. Single flavor is the easiest, or simple blends while you learn and explore new flavors. Recipes are only a starting place to modify from, what tickles somebody elses toes may or may not tickle yours.

    Grape... I don't do grapes except fresh for a snack.
    Cotton Candy... stand alone, works well added to other flavors.
    Tropical Punch... no idea.
    Pina Colada... stand alone that may work, but I like my own verson better.
    Apple... can be a stand alone, great with Caramel and sour (or sour apple).
    Orange Cream... weak flavor.
    Licorice... overpowering, go easy, some like lemon with it.
    Mango... weak flavor.
    Peach... lots of fruit vapers love peach stand alone or mixed.

  8. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Can you tell me more about steeping or send me a link? I didn't know you had to let it steep unless it was an extraction. All I did on my mediocre first batch was add 3.7ml of strawberry kiwi with .625ml of peach and .625ml of mango with 25ml of a 65vg/35pg 20mg mix. I shook it real good and then vaped it. What does steeping involve, should I leave the cap on or have it sealed and for how long? Sorry for the noob questions I really appreciate the help on this forum, people want others to have good vaping experience :)
  9. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You absolutely do not have to let it steep, if you choose not to. Always taste your mixes fresh, if they're good to go, vape away. If they're meh, some have benefited from leaving it in the cabinet (dark place, shake every day) for a couple of days. If they're just terrible, there's a good chance that it may not be redeemable... however, that is, like all things in this realm, subjective and completely up to you :)

    On your topic: Without having tried many of those flavorings (from LorAnn) Apple + Mango sounds pretty tasty. You can use the cotton candy to sweeten any other flavoring that you feel it lacking, but try the flavors before adding.

    Someone made mention of making single flavors, and then dripping two or more single flavors into an atty to test them. Great advice!
  10. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Only problem with making single flavors is I only have 4 dropper bottles to work with right now (I know I'm working on it but I spent my last bit of extra cash getting what I have now), though first chance I get I'm going to order more bottles. Should it steep with the cap ON I assume? Also next time I order more should I stick with lorann or is there a more preferred flavor vendor. Thanks :)
  11. Landosnotasystem

    Landosnotasystem Senior Member ECF Veteran

  12. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Thank you! I just mixed up a second 30ml batch and I must say I am very pleased with it :)
    5 Drops of Cotton Candy
    3.7ml of Licorice
    25ml of 65vg/35pg at 20mg

    Absolutely perfect, the licorice is a bit dry alone so the cotton candy compliments it nice.
  13. dannyv45

    dannyv45 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You may want to start with mixing each flavor individually until you get each one to your liking. Then you will get an idea on what may go good together. Remember taste is very subjective so every ones going to have a different opinion on what taste good to them. And remember what they say about opinions " There like aholes every has one and they all stink".

    Now before anyone gets there feathers ruffled. what I just said was ment to be a friendly humorious pun and not directed at anyone.

    I also saw you had other questions and given some good suggestions. Read my blogs and you will find some useful info and tips there.

  14. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Thank you, you cleared up a lot of questions i didn't even know i had :) Unfortunately I think I have been treating my protank poorly because after switching liquids today it hasn't tasted the same, I tried going back to premade e liquid but still getting much less vapor and im pulling for longer periods of time. Must have ruined the coil somewhere along the path but owell that's why I bought 10 back up coils
  15. Spydro

    Spydro Sindoyen Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Here's a good start on understanding steeping...

  16. dannyv45

    dannyv45 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

  17. JasonInTN

    JasonInTN Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I think Lorann is the least preferred flavor vendor.
  18. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Can you tell me who you prefer? Thanks
  19. greenblobo9

    greenblobo9 Full Member

    Yep it was very detailed and answered all of my questions about steeping. You guys are great!
  20. JasonInTN

    JasonInTN Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Flavor Art for fruit flavors. The Flavor Apprentice has some good flavors but percentages seem all over the place. Really like some Chinese concentrates like Vaping Zone and EcigExpress sell, especially for tobaccos. Hard to beat one drop per mil.
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