What's your all day vape?

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward - PIF' started by loxmythe, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. loxmythe

    loxmythe PIF owner/moderator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I thought a discussion on your favorite juices might help those of us still searching for that perfect juice/gear combo.
    So tell us - whatcha vaping? :)

    Right now I've got an ecab with Halo twisted java and an 808 with a nano full of Mountain Baker butterscotch.
  2. beebopnjazz

    beebopnjazz PIF FORUM MODERATOR Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Halo Longhorn in a T3 on an ejoker and Halo Malibu in a nano on my Provari (weird huh?)....and my standby - Pluid in a c4 (dedicated) on another ejoker. :)
  3. d9mel

    d9mel Super Member Verified Member

    Tfa Asian ry4@15% in a delrin jtank w/a boge carto, on a DNA 20/ li-po box mod
  4. Prism

    Prism PIF MODERATOR Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Aroma's Beatle juice WTA in an 808 gripper and a Smokeless image RY4 in a volt 78mm automatic battery.
  5. tricci

    tricci Super Member

    Stainless Steel Smoktech Vamax version 2 set to 11 watts with an Ikenvape 801 Fusion cartomizer in a pyrex carto tank filled with either Ectoplasma, Smurph Piss, Boba's Bounty, or Hi-C Ecto Cooler.
  6. JuCoJi

    JuCoJi Senior Member Verified Member

    Dragon's Milk from ecblendflavors in my vivi, tastes like horchata goodness!
  7. Paislia

    Paislia Vaping Master Verified Member

    I am vaping my Zenesis PVs all day for a while now. I keep other stuff around - just never reach for it. :blush:

    I like Pluid a lot and Pharmboy's juice's - especially Southern Cross (Peach, pecan, bourbon, tobacco).

    There are other great juices too - I hardly ever vape the same thing ALLLLL day, so the term "all day vape" escapes me. Who would WANT an all day vape when there are soooo many tasty flavors out there!!! :D :D
  8. mattiem

    mattiem ECF Guru Verified Member

    Guess I haven't found an all day juice yet. I switch off at least 6 different flavors all during the day. One of them is unflavored. Right now I have a menthol/peppermint DIY mix, robacco menthol from BlueMist Vaping and cinnapear, StL Gooey Butter Cake and Holiday Cider from VAL all loaded up in CE3's.
  9. Wren

    Wren Senior Member Verified Member

    I'm kinda boring. Just a standard ego with 2.4 stardust with my DIY mixed berry (cherry and blackberry) lately. When I need something different I tend to go to my DIY peaches and cream.

    I've not been around lately since I can't even remember the last time I vaped a commercial juice. I've found that switching over to all VG DIY juices has really worked well for me! I kinda wish the DIY PIF thread was still around, as I'd like to try other's homemade juices!
  10. beebopnjazz

    beebopnjazz PIF FORUM MODERATOR Verified Member

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    Actually you can use PIF for DIY - just make sure the post is clearly marked as DIY :)
  11. GrannyGrump

    GrannyGrump Full Member Verified Member

    Limoncello from Highbrow vapors in a vivi nova on my provari.
  12. beebopnjazz

    beebopnjazz PIF FORUM MODERATOR Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Wren - you ARE permitted to trade 5 ml bottles of DIY flavorings in the sample swaps thread :) Just make sure it's clearly marked that you're trading DIY :)
  13. beebopnjazz

    beebopnjazz PIF FORUM MODERATOR Verified Member

    Supporting member
    That sounds YUMMY! I love limoncello - have a bottle in the freezer right now! :)
  14. Wren

    Wren Senior Member Verified Member

    Ooh, actually that's really good to know, I think I may have to go through my box when I get home and post up some of my less used flavors!
  15. bmwjen

    bmwjen Vaping Master Verified Member

    AVE Hype or Ahlusion Pink Label.......on one precise or another
  16. BiancaMontgomery

    BiancaMontgomery SQUIRREL! Verified Member

    Supporting member
    ^Hello to YOU! :D

    I'm vaping my own DIY Peach and have been for months now. I got the mix to my idea of perfect and I can't put it down! Mixed up some Horchata the other night and I'm enjoying that too as a sweet treat type of "once in while" vape. I'll drip some in my IGO-L and get my sweets fix. :)

    I use the IGO-L dripping atomizers on a Vamo or my P18 and I have one on my Vapecore top feeder as well. Really love that atty! The tanks I prefer right now are the larger Vivi Nova tanks. I always have one of those on one of my Vamo mods and the V1 Nova works great on my P18. :)
  17. Doglips

    Doglips Senior Member

    at work, I use an Omega with a 18650 battery, a mega cart or 3ml DCT tank with a 1.8 ohm cart. I cant seem to get away from peppermint 75% of the time or Orange citrus 25% try other flavors but keep going back to it. I DIY it, around 28 mg of nicotine and the juice is at 20% so very strong taste. At home I prefer the vamo with a vivi nova or 6ml tank with a 2 to 3 ohm cart and vape around 10 watts with the same juice...but that extra power makes it really smacks me around...but I seem to like it.
  18. markfm

    markfm PIF Moderator Verified Member

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    Diy vanilla tobacco for almost two years, the vanilla is the far stronger component.

    Vananaberry (sweet fruit mix) and a few other diy mainly for passing along Probably do a few batches of bakery blend things soon, for kicks.

    VV Grand bottom feeder for all day use, VV buzz pro for more rough and tumble activities.
  19. zapped

    zapped Registered Supplier Verified Member

    Hype from Alien Visions, occasionally I'll switch it up with Craveloupe or Christys Cappucino from AVE as well. I also like Juicy Dreams from Gourmet Vapor
  20. Gr8Scott

    Gr8Scott Super Member

    My DIY Pomegranate Ice Cuban Cigar (24mg 32PG 68VG) in a Phoenix rebuildable (100% organic cotton wick/32AWG Nichrome coil coming in at 1.5Ω) with my Innokin Itaste @ 4.5 volts.

    It's a sweet, hot, icy cool fruity tobacco with a throater that almost makes you think you are going to cough, but is so smooth you just smile and say " Yeah baybee, that's my lil' huckleberrry!"

    The clouds of billowing vapor are immense, and every once in a while I get a reminiscent yet not unpleasant waft of good tobacco smell on my "womb broom". It's very nice.

    This girl I know just begged me to try it and this was the effect:

: halo, provari, vamo, evic
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