When will Geoff's Blend be back?

Discussion in 'Tasty Vapor' started by proxy, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. proxy

    proxy Full Member

    I just saw on the website that Atomic Cinnacide and Geoff's Blend are not available until a new vendor for Cinnamon is found.

    Any update on this?

    Please hurry...I'm down to my last tanks worth of Geoff's Blend and it's my every day vape. :)
  2. Brucifer

    Brucifer Full Member

    Um what's up? Should I be concerned about the two bottles I just got? 1 of GB and one of AC?

  3. me1969

    me1969 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Got almost a full 30ml bottle I don't vape anymore .Its around 12nic from a 1once 48mg nic mixed with a 2once doubler .If you want it let me know .
  4. Brucifer

    Brucifer Full Member

    me1969, I would be interested and I'm in PA as well... PM me
  5. me1969

    me1969 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ok if proxy don't want it .
  6. proxy

    proxy Full Member

    Go for it. I've got plenty of other juice to hold me over. Plus...Tasty Vapor is like 15 minutes from my house, so when it's back, I'll just drive over and grab some.
  7. Geoscouter

    Geoscouter Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I thought a 1 oz 48mg mixed with 2 oz. doubler resulted in 3 oz of 16mg strength liquid not 12mg.

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  8. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I know this is a horrible inconvenience that AC and GB have been temporarily removed, and I'm sorry. The culprit is variations in Lorann's cinnamon recipe. They've done something, cut costs by using cheaper material, made bad lots/batches, any number of things, but the end result is a cinnamon that does NOT taste the way it should.

    We could be like other businesses and just keep things the way they are and pretend there's not a problem, (which you KNOW we're not about) or we can fair through a temporary inconvenience of removing the product until we can find a proper cinnamon that will be a good or better match for the flavor you've come to expect from Atomic Cinnacide and Geoff's Blend.

    This hurts our customers and it hurts our business that two of our best-sellers are currently off the menu. It hurts our business rapport with Lorann's that they care so little about the quality of their product, that noticeable variations on their flavorings are "acceptable". If they don't care about their part, the most we can expect is compensation for their less than acceptable product, but if they are a loosely reliable source for a VERY expensive flavoring, it's in our best interest to pursue another source for a cinnamon flavor whom we hope will be more reliable and provide a more consistent quality.

    We've had problems with other flavorings from them that they were wishy-washy to do anything about, and it's sad, they've been around since 1962, have been a important resource in the food industry. Now that business is picking up even more thanks to the whole vaping phenomena, it seems their regard for quality has dropped.

    But I will give them time to see how things unfold. In the meantime, they've lost our business on this particular flavor.

    We've checked out three other sources at the moment, picked up three cinnamon flavors from one source which were not a good match. Some of our new cinnamon samples just came in from the second source and we've mixed preliminary batches of GB to see if this is a good match. I'll keep you posted. Until then, there are a few more cinnamon samples in transit for testing. We WILL get this sorted out and we'll be sure to put these up on special once we do.

    Again, thanks for hanging in there with us while we go through this minor difficulty.
  9. Olinb

    Olinb Full Member Verified Member

    Can't wait. Went online to order a couple oz's of the Atomic Cinnacide and a 4 oz doubler when AACKKK! off the menu. My favorite vape. Plus I use the doubler to add flavor to most everything else I vape. Sometimes manage to save not-so-good juice with the flavoring.
  10. proxy

    proxy Full Member

    Thanks for the reply, Geoff. I have complete faith that you guys will get this sorted out sooner than later. One of the reasons that you guys are my absolute favorite vendor is because of your uncompromising attention to quality, and your no-nonsense business practices.

    You guys have not lost my business. I'll look at this as an opportunity to try some other flavors. :)
  11. Olinb

    Olinb Full Member Verified Member

    Nor have they lost mine. But I am checking the status daily as my supply goes up in (non)-smoke.
  12. VaporingQueen

    VaporingQueen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I agree, I'm not going anywhere.

  13. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Geoff's Blend is gone, to be replaced with Burmanii, which in my opinion, while it is now primarily a cinnamon flavor, is delicious enough, complex enough and layered enough, that it is an adequate contender for the now vacant Geoff's Blend spot. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the flavor, and it will not only be available this Friday at midnight (12/14/2012 at 11:59 p.m.), but on special as well so you can try it at a reduced price through the week.
  14. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I guess I should clarify why I'm refusing to call the new recipe "New Geoff's Blend". I crafted the GB recipe well over 2 1/2 years ago. It has been my ADV during that time. I've mixed thousands of bottles of the stuff, I know what it's supposed to taste like.

    What Lorann's did to their cinnamon, was just enough to augment that flavor that it in no way SHOULD be called Geoff's Blend. The cinnamon that we'll now be using, while it is fantastic, again, makes the recipe taste no way like the old Geoff's Blend tastes like, so it doesn't get the name attached to it.

    It's not an ego thing at all that prevents me from sticking my name on the new recipe. It's me trying to avoid people doing the side by side comparison thing. What it is, is that if we attach the name to it, people will automatically start comparing it to the "old Geoff's Blend". The new cinnamon we'll be using changes the flavor in a fantastic way, but it now makes it primarily a cinnamon flavor, but so many flavor layers to it, that it's just a different flavor altogether.

    So to help people not make the association with the old, we just have to call it something new. It's a stupid marketing psychology thing.

    Make sense?
  15. proxy

    proxy Full Member

    Totally makes sense. I can't wait to try the Burmanii! I'll probably drop in on Saturday and pick some up!
  16. brbeel

    brbeel Full Member

    Okay, I posted this in the BUrmani feedback thread on facebook, but I will post here too for people who can't see the facebook thread.

    I found a brand new carto last night, so I filled it up with Burmani, and holy crap I cant stop hitting this thing. I would agree with most of the others and say that it is a totally different cinnamon from AC. To me it tastes like cinnamon sugar. I dont know if you've ever chewed on a cinnamon stick before, but to me it has that same woody flavor with a nice sweet overtone. The throat hit is pretty good for a 12mg juice (I usually vape 18-24mg). On the draw, you can taste the sweetness of the juice and a little spice in your mouth. On the exhale, you get the smooth woody cinnamon flavor with maybe a little hint of nutmeg. This is a really nice vape, especially for the season. I love flavors that you can taste on the draw like AC and geoffs blend(RIP), and Burmani is a flavor that does that for me. I could see this becoming an ADV for me in the winter months. It tastes great when it's cold outside,(it's 28 degrees here this morning) kinda warms up your insides. Great job Geoff Braithwaite and Tasty Vapor! Thanks again for sending me the sample, yall rock!
  17. woolfe99

    woolfe99 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Phew. I just ran out of my last batch of AC. I have worried as I have vaped nothing but AC and GB now for 2.5 years. I've literally gone through 90+ ounces of those 2 flavors in that time. I can't decide whether to try the Burmani or the new AC. I gather both will taste different than the old versions.

    Edit: looks like Burmani was taken down.
  18. TVChris

    TVChris Moved On ECF Veteran

    The new A/C is on sale this week, always a good time to try a flavor. Yeah it's different. Gotta say though, we haven't had a single negative feedback yet(....crap did I just jinx that or what?). We decided to put the new Burmanii in sample sizes to replace the GB slot, and it should be up in a few days if you wanna try a 1/3 oz (10ml) for $6.75. the New A/C is already in samples. Geoff has us waiting to get MORE of the the new ingredients in before we put Burmanii on sale, but it'll be soon.
  19. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    The new Burmanii will be up on the site, and on sale on Friday at midnight. I think the liquid description does it a fair amount of justice:

    Burmanii (shorted from Cinnamomum Burmanii) describes the Indonesian cinnamon bark oil used in this revival of the Geoff's Blend (RIP) recipe. The cinnamon oil lends a rich, decadent and woody flavor as a base while the other flavors playfully dance around it. Which is the best way we can describe it.

    While the recipe shares all the same components of the former liquid recipe, the new cinnamon alters it in such a way that it really is its own unique and wonderful flavor. Don't think GB when you vape it, think Burmanii!

    We've got 1kg of the CB (cinnamomum burmanii) which should hold us throughout the month (I'm hoping) and 2kg in transit.

    Sadly, because of the expense of this cinnamon (a whopping $486.00 per KG, but you guys are worth it) we can justify absorbing the cost at a RETAIL LEVEL ONLY. Which means this will not be available at a wholesale level for those of you who purchase wholesale.

    So, this liquid will ONLY be available on the Tasty Vapor site, the Tasty Vapor store, (and possibly the DigitalCiggz stores).
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