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Discussion in 'KR808D-1' started by Scotticus93, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So I'm thinking about buying either a White Cloud Cirrus 2 or a SI Volt. The Volt is 30 bucks cheaper for the starter kit and I have heard great things about it being reccomended as a cigalike. I won't something to carry around to parties and such. I heard the WC is extremely light, but haven't seen many people reccomend on here. They offer nicotine concentrations of 36mg and even 54, but don't sell blank cartos to fill up. But a few questions, can you use kr808 cartos on WC cigs? Is the vapor on the WC a lot warmer because I know they have 4.2V as opposed to SI volt's 3.6. However, I know the volt is regulated and heard that 4.2V batteries can drop as low as 3.3 before they die (guess you can top of the charge tho). So any answers the questions above are appreciated. and ultimately, which vendor/model would you guys recommend? Sorry for the long post, looking forward to other people's thoughts on this.
  2. r_sizzle

    r_sizzle Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I can't help with many of those questions but i can tell you what i have and love, the v2 cigalike. i don't know about the voltages of the batterys or any of that stuff but i really like my v2's that i've had for about a week now. They have great vapor. The standard size battery lasts me all day at work. The pre-filled carts seem to last a good while too. I got the starter kit with two batteries. I also ordered some of the clearos and some blank carts. I like the cigalikes with the carts for work because they are discrete and i can shove it in my pocket without worry that it will break. I really have no complaints at all.(except the shipping took a full week for me to get the kit but hey, it was free)
  3. FireDragon1138

    FireDragon1138 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Volt/Smokeless Image.

    The shorty batteries have a great feel to them. It feels enough like I'm holding a cigarette that my brain forgets about it. I also have a standard sized battery.. The vapor is warm.
  4. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I've decided when if. Well more of when I get a new kit. I think I'm gonna get a halo g6 instead. I heard it is much like the volt. But I just trust halo more and heard great things about and love their flavors. Good looks tho. And vape on.

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  5. Racehorse

    Racehorse Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Lots of people like the G6. I happen to like the Joyetech eRoll which is pretty small though. Just getting started is a good idea, good luck with whatever you choose! You needn't worry about Smokelss Image, they have some of the best customer service going and have been registered suppliers on this board "forever".
  6. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The volt has regulated 3.6v while the halo starts off a 4.2 and idk how quickly tapers off. I guess I could just get the volt and use lr carts on it tho idk if other brands would be very compatible with it and smokeless image doesn't stock any. And the e roll seems overpriced to me

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  7. LisaR

    LisaR Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I bought some LR cartos from here 808 Cartomizers and they work just fine with my volts. They give a much fuller vape than the SR cartos. I still don't use them much because it still doesn't compare to a VV Ego w/ a T3, but it definitely helped.
  8. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    Been using cirrus 3 for over 6 months now, just got a halo g6, which was so nice, I got another on the way and the smokeless has a sale going on, so I picked up a volt too. The volt was the cheapest but I don't know how it performs at this time. I can let you know when it comes in but the sale might not be on anymore.
  9. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    What's the sale? I saw none. I just no the voltage is higher on a newly charged halo. Ironically enough and why volt is cheaper it only comes with one battery and no case. I'm probably gonna try the volt disposable. If I like I'll order a kit and then get or cartos. From halo probably lol

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  10. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    And drice do you like the halo better than the wc. I've heard better things about the halo. You can't really refill a wc tho do have a 54mg one lol

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  11. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    I personally use the g6s more then the others. WC seem to last longer but I haven't done any real testing other then using them like I normally do. I was refilling WC carts but since I got the mini tanks, I've only been using them. Enjoy the taste and hit better then the carts. I used code vaporpatrol to get a discount on SI, not sure if its valid or not anymore. I'm not sure about the voltage but the volt and g6 look identical and have not notice any difference in performance. For both the volt and g6s, I bought just the atty/tank/usb charger, both were around $25 shipped.
  12. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    After looking closer there does seem to be some slight differences and the halo seems to be more quality then the volt. Maybe I got a dud but the volt makes some noises when you tap it that the both g6s don't. Hard to tell by the pics but the g6 atty seems to have a gasket of some kind where the volt doesn't. Also the volt charger plastic is bonded together perfectly like the halo and the center is smaller. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :vapor: IMAG0079.jpg IMAG0082.jpg IMAG0083.jpg
  13. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    Found my multimeter...manual g6 fully charged rang in @ 4.19, auto volt @ 3.79 also fully charged. I've got all my other attys charging right now, so I'll chime back in later with their readings, and the readings on the two above after hitting them up a few times. Vape on...
  14. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    Hmm, interesting...auto g6 rang in @ 3.8 fully charged
    I had one cirrus3 that got fully charged so far, it rang in @ 3.76
    manual g6 after 3 hits @ 4.11, 3 more, 4.09, and once again after 3 normal hits @ 4, now @ 3.95
  15. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    after 3 more manual g6 fell to 3.93, then to 3.91
    both volt & auto g6 after random use over a few hours fell to 3.63
    I have two other cirrus3, one came in @ 3.77 fully charged, and the other @ 3.74. I have not used them today, so unsure what they will come in at after some use. Happy vaping.
  16. DricE

    DricE Full Member

    Ya guys sick of me yet? Still have not recharged manual g6, just checked again after random use last night and this afternoon. Finally fell below the autos @ 3.74. Volt has fallen to 3.53. I recharged the auto g6 this morning, I couldn't take the chance of having them all go dead on me while working.
  17. ImperfectFuture

    ImperfectFuture Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Have two sets of g6 batts, each color one manual and one auto. Can even use the white cloud carts on them, also have the mini tanks. Tend to be more my go to when out and about (though have a few disposables around). Also have mvp's and the usual upscale clearomizers, and some wick to rebuild on the way. So, I have the full spectrum (almost, no mech's nor rbas ATM). Your g6's are the best for 808 devices. I wouldn't really upgrade to their tank system (don't jump on me, halons), because very few adaptors work, halo wants to make their money the good ole fashioned us capitalist way, buy halo products.

    But they make great 808 cigalikes, and are adaptable with most other 808 devices (however, I figured for the price, instead of triton vv, MVP v2 much better). If you do get triton batteries, you will see longer volt times (your little experiment there, since it depends in the size of the battery, as in mah), and m2 is making some great clearomizers that go along with the tritons. But methinks start with cigalike batts, then move on to traditional avp's with both ego and 510 threading.
  18. machinestatic

    machinestatic Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Heh, it's funny how no matter what's on your mind, or what decision or purchase you want to talk about, you can find a specific thread for it on ECF. ;) Anywho, here's my little story: after vaping for years, buying bigger mods, and dozens of juices, I finally found my new home at Halo. I've ONLY been using their Sub-Zero juice for the past year, and for the last few months I've only been using Halo batteries (G6 and VV Tritons). I LOVE them. And last year I did try both the Smokeless Image Volt, and the eRoll, but I like Halo a lot more. So I thought I was done. I even got rid of everything else I owned: Lavatube, Vamo, MVP, iTaste, Vmod, blah blah.

    ...but of course, the itch to shop always gets you. I stumbled on a 15% off coupon for White Cloud this week and couldn't resist, so I just ordered a White Cloud Cirrus 3 kit. I had tried some Zero K disposable Mini Flings last year so I hope I like it.
  19. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So to follow up on this thread one more time. I finally ended up ordering the halo g6. Could not be more satisfied with my purchase. the thing hits harder than my k100 or ego twist maybe even. It's small portable, looks and feels awesome and the juice is good. Go with halo. no regrets. their juice is kinda expensive, but im still thinking about going back to them for some juice cuz its so good and probably worth it. at any rate when i get new carts ill probably order some prefilled from there, same price as blanks. why not get free juice in them right?
  20. Scotticus93

    Scotticus93 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Wow I wasn't aware this thread did revive itself. once again. if you read the above post love the halo g6. guy who posted above me. yeah halo is where its at. like i said. juice is little steep (no pun intended), but its good stuff. its literally the first juice place i ever bough from when I got my first mod. halo delivers high quality products. and everything is US made. at least i know the liquid is.
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