Who makes the best PG and VG?

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by Dave_in_OK, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Looking for the best quality PG and VG. I can find information on Nicotine and flavors but very little on the highest quality PG and VG so who makes the best in your opinion and why; is it that it has no flavor, little or no effect on flavors, or is it the viscosity. And then who do you get it through.

  2. spaceballsrules

    spaceballsrules Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Purity dictates quality. Anything that is rated USP grade is considered high quality, and no DIY vendor or juice maker would use anything of lesser quality. Wherever you get your favorite nicotine solution will have good PG and VG, such as Wizard Labs or ECigExpress.
  3. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Understand the purity and that any correctly rated as USP grade is good to use but I think that their is slight differences between brands just as their is with nicotine. Now I could be wrong wouldn't be the first time or the last lol
  4. we2rcool

    we2rcool Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    USP is the highest purity typically available (there's an even more pure grade, ACS/regeant, but ACS/regeant is ultra-pure grade and typically only used for high-end laboratory research & chemical mixes).

    However, purity does not = taste, nor does it = "vapability".

    Assuming (when I definitely knew better) that all USP VGs were basically the same, I recently purchased a gallon of this via Amazon (to save money - we've got Amazon Prime/free shipping, and the price is dirt-cheap)...and without testing it, mixed up around 3000ml of various juices & test vials.

    At first we didn't notice anything different - but after a few days I kept wanting everything I vaped to be 'stronger & sweeter' (which is really odd for me because I dislike overly sweet juices - and we'd formulated recipes that were perfect). Hey, I said to myself, it's probably just vapers tongue or our taste buds changing - I'll just add a drop or two of sweetener to the bottles and maybe a bit more flavor next time we make them (but we kept frustrating over how/why we could both end up with 'vapers tongue' at the same exact time). It was kinda frustrating, but really no big deal.

    Then I answered a post and advised someone having trouble to be sure test all their base liquids without flavoring or sweetener before making any other changes...and then it hit me (argh) - we'd changed VGs and used it to mix up a bunch of juice before we'd tested it.

    So we mixed up two small batches of our base (80% VG; 9% distilled water; 9% saline solution; 2% alcohol) - using both VGs...and tested them both side-by-side. Sure 'nuff...the new one tasted 'flat', dirty, and seemed to kill the natural sweetness of the VG (which is extremely slight and was never discernible to us before). The base made with the original VG was 'alive & vibrant' with just the tiniest hint of sweetness.

    :::shaking head::: We'd seen that gallon size on Amazon, that it was USP, and calculated how much money we'd save over buying what we usually bought at ECX ($8.99 for 250 ml at ECX vs $40 for a gallon on Amazon). It would be around $135 on ECX for a gallon (purchased 250 mls at a time). So we were saving a boatload, eh? :::sigh::: But the worst thing...?...

    When I went to ECX to order VG, I decided to click on the Wholesale Link to see if they had larger sizes of VG. Yep, 1 gallon for $42.99 (or two gallons for $79.99)...and since shipping is free over $85 on ECX, it would have only cost me only THREE BUCKS MORE than the crap I bought on Amazon to get a gallon of what we'd been using since we started!

    I recommend the VG from ECX. I do not recommend the VG that I linked to on Amazon. I also recommend mixing/tasting/vaping your bases (with and without nic) before mixing them.

    I do not recommend forgetting or ignoring that basic rule of common sense and spending almost two full days mixing/blending, steeping, labeling and rebottling juices using untested VG, PG or nic-juice. 3000+mls of juice...seeya-bye.

  5. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for sharing and great advice on testing all components before mixing!

    Do you know who the manufacturer is for ECX VG?
  6. cookiebun

    cookiebun Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Essential Depot.
    You can get their products on Amazon too.
  7. itsmedant

    itsmedant Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    This stuff is awesome. It's USP and a really good price. Also its a prime product so if you have Amazon Prime you'll get it in 2 days!
  8. unknown_shooter

    unknown_shooter Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ive bought the essential depot pg from amazon & liked it..
  9. we2rcool

    we2rcool Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Grrrr...my new gallon indicates nothing as far as "brand name" and I'm almost positive my 250ml bottles didn't either (because I would have searched for a duplicate before buying an unknown). 'Mind sharing how you know ECX's is "Essential Depot"? (it's not that I don't trust/believe you; I've just learned to confirm everything possible). TIA!
  10. we2rcool

    we2rcool Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    'More than welcome! And don't forget...label everything accurately (with the date!). If I hadn't dated my bottles, I'd be looking at dozens of duplicate labels - and I wouldn't have known which ones were made with which VG! (throwing it all out and losing all the time/effort that went into making it all was bad enough...but to have thrown out the wrong bottles because I didn't date them? argh x 2)
  11. keelalagirl55

    keelalagirl55 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I don't think that is what Cookiebun was saying.....just giving a suggestion on a good source to buy from ;)
  12. we2rcool

    we2rcool Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks - I thunk maybe that was the case.

    By the way, that's an AWESOME lookin' pooch ya got there! I've just got to get a picture of ours taken/loaded to use as an avatar.
  13. keelalagirl55

    keelalagirl55 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thank you :wub: That's my baby girl ....well, not so baby anymore, but still :D
  14. zee91105

    zee91105 Full Member

    try xtremevaping
  15. cookiebun

    cookiebun Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member

    I have no idea where ECX gets their PG/VG. The original question was who makes the best PG/VG and my answer is Essential Depot.
    I'm a Prime member so if I order it off Amazon I get it quick and cheap.
  16. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the sources. I looked at ECX and Essential Depot couldn't find who the manufacturer is but did like that Essential Depot links test results.

    The reason I'm looking to find the best manufacturer for PG and VG is it's my experience that resellers (those that buy in bulk and repackage in smaller containers) will without notifying the customer change whose product they buy. Thus we get different results with what we believe to be the same ingredients. I'm not saying any company we normally deal with would due this only that they could.
  17. kineard

    kineard Full Member

    I think the quality of the nic is a bigger concern. I have heard that dow makes most of the pg and vg in the U.S. and is just re-branded. I may be extending a false truth. I make sure I buy USP PG, VG and Nic. I buy mine from ktorisecigs.com. 120ml PG is only 2.99, 120ml VG 2.49 and 60ml 100mg Nic is only 9.99.
  18. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    It only takes one bad ingredient to ruin a batch of juice IMHO
  19. Visus

    Visus Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I vaguely remember dow being touted as the premier vg pg market.
  20. Dave_in_OK

    Dave_in_OK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Ok found a couple threads that talk about VG and the different Brands (how I missed them I don't know) I think I'll go with Proctor & Gamble Superol and use ChemWorld as the supplier. Reportedly it's thinner and the taste is lighter.

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