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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by The Jester, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. The Jester

    The Jester Full Member

    Looks like I have to post over here, since I don't have enough posts, even though I've been a member since 2011 (back before e-cigs were cool *flips hair out of eyes*).

    I was just wondering if anybody could elaborate on what kinds of material is available for wicking. I know about silica (have some serious doubts about that one), but what about the rest? I've heard of cotton and steel. What are the pros and cons? What about currently available brands? Do any of these degrade in nic-juice? Which won't leak?

    A comprehensive review would be ideal, if it's already been posted.
  2. jellyfish98

    jellyfish98 Full Member

    Just my newb 2 cents...been using an igo-l organic cotton ball for wick for the last 2 weeks...flavors good, vapors good, and no leaks. But I do have to rewick every 2 days(no big deal).

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  3. jozef-3d

    jozef-3d Senior Member Verified Member

    2 weeks? Yikes! I use cotton balls and been using the same once for 3weeks now.

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  4. former stinker

    former stinker Full Member

    I've only tried Silica Wicks and cotton yarn. I prefer the cotton yarn. I got a skein of the yarn at Walmart for about $0.89. I've been using it to rewick a Kanger ProTank for about 8 months.
  5. jubiare

    jubiare Full Member Verified Member

    Go with cotton balls + microcoil (original thread here on ecf)

    RJPAVLAS Full Member

    I use tampoons, they work the best!
  7. The Jester

    The Jester Full Member

    Kay, a few votes for cotton already. As I see it, there are a 4 concerns:

    1. Wick degradation due to nic-juice (major components could be PG, VG, flavor [mostly alcohol plus some organics])
    2. Wick degradation due to heat (from the atty coil)
    3. Wicking ability
    4. Ability to prevent free-flow (leaking)

    Anybody that can comment on those things? I have experience with silica, and I'm not impressed. Cotton is organic, and as such, could burn, which gives me pause.
  8. Kaisen

    Kaisen Senior Member

    Nominee for best first post ever
  9. jubiare

    jubiare Full Member Verified Member

    You can't dry burn cotton yeah.... Other than that, it's way better than silica
  10. Dvx67

    Dvx67 Super Member Verified Member

    I use silica and square braid cotton wick (amazon for both). The silica tends to last a little longer but I can't tell any difference in the vapor production or flavor. Both work very well.
  11. Ryedan

    Ryedan PV Master* Verified Member

    Supporting member
    My opinions;

    Silica. Wicks moderately well. Does not short the coil. Many people say it mutes flavor, but I have not found this. Flavor with different wicks is just different. Dry burnable many times. Various types available, but I have not used many of them. Some people have been concerned about silica particles being inhaled and harmful. I don't believe this to be the case.

    SS mesh. Wicks well when tightly rolled. The finer the mesh the better it wicks, no matter what juice used. Will short the coil if the wick is not insulated like in the RSST RBA. Dry burnable, but I don't do this because of possible health concern. I take the wick out and wash/scrub it to clean. I'm the only person I know who does this. Last a long time.

    Cotton. Wicks very well. Does not short coils. Can not be dry burned so needs to be changed often. A lot of people boil in water before using for health reasons. Many different types.

    Can't think of anything else at the moment.
  12. Ryedan

    Ryedan PV Master* Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I second the motion ;)
  13. beecherjeeper

    beecherjeeper Senior Member Verified Member

    Tampon---that is one big wick!!!!!!
  14. Ryedan

    Ryedan PV Master* Verified Member

    Supporting member
    So is a cotton ball ;)

    RJPAVLAS Full Member

    Thank you, Thank you very much....been vaping for 4 months now havent had a cig since. I have a Provari and just this past weekend i ordered my first RBA tank...EXCITED

    RJPAVLAS Full Member

    Thanks Ryedan, Thanks Kaisen!!!!!!!! and as for the tampoon being a large wick.... i just use the braided string part.....

    RJPAVLAS Full Member

    yeah, i tried the entire tampoon once, but it held my entire 10ml bottle of juice :(
  18. tomzgreat

    tomzgreat Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hmm with 3 female Tampon Users in my house, it's a wicking material that is always available.

    If the FDA bans Cotton, SSMesh, Silica, Fc-2000, Hemp, XC-116 XS-116 EkoWool then I'll consider this as an option.
  19. tomzgreat

    tomzgreat Ultra Member Verified Member

    I like Eko Wool
    I like FC-2000 Porous Ceramic Wick
    I like SSMesh inserted into EkoWool

    I've had good experience with FC-2000 and EkoWool
    Also I've gotten a very good vape with SSMesh 400 encased in EkoWool Sleeving.
  20. Enoch777

    Enoch777 Super Member Verified Member

    +1 for Ekowool, just wish I had 1mm or 2mm to fit in my micro coils >_< For this reason I've been using 100% cotton and it is incredibly easy to fit in a micro coil, wicks very nicely, and overall fantastic results in vapor/flavor. I still prefer Ekowool but whad'ya gonna do?
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