Word Up American Spirit juice

Discussion in 'Requests for Opinions/Reviews' started by Doctor Rock, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Doctor Rock

    Doctor Rock Senior Member

    Any good? I was an American Spirit "Blue" smoker.

  2. Lizardtheinsane

    Lizardtheinsane Full Member

    Haven't tried that flavor. Just got my VG Tobacco flavor in though and love it. He sent me a small sample of another flavor I wanted to try as well. Jeffrey and Laurin really care about what they're doing.
  3. Daifne

    Daifne Senior Member

    I still smoke American Spirit mediums (much less than I did before vaping...) and have tried the American Spirit juice. It's pretty good, but not an exact match. I wonder if it's possible to do exact matches. I will qualify this by saying that, while I originally thought all I would want is the tobacco flavor with an occasional menthol, I am finding that I now want anything but.

    Wordupecigs is really very good. I love their service.
  4. Tuesday

    Tuesday Senior Member

    I used to like American Spirits, most of the time they were hard to find . I think I will take a look at this too. :)
  5. Tuesday

    Tuesday Senior Member

    I finally found their website, it looks like they specialize in tobacco flavors and that is what I am looking for. This looks like a good find. :cool:
  6. CaptJay

    CaptJay Vaping Master

    Link Tuesday, link!

    Edit: nvm I found it - lol
    For those interested it was http://www.wordupecig.com/Home.html - at least I hope thats the same one they DO have 'American spirit' as a choice
  7. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member

    No kiddin'... I counted 44 non-menthol tobacco flavors.
    Chesterfield...Old Gold...Pall Mall? Now I'm intrigued.

    Anyone interested in trying them might go for their e-lquid Variety Pack, five 5-ml bottles for $20.99:

    e-liquid Variety Sample Pack
  8. BHedge

    BHedge Senior Member

    Dr. R, is that your dog in your Avatar? If so, he's so cute....there's another thread under this subheading that talks about Wordup. A couple of people like the American Spirit and many profess very good customer service.
  9. jimmyzee

    jimmyzee Full Member

    Yes there eliquid is Great they also have six 10ml bottles for $41 now that is a deal waiting for myn to get here this is the link
    Wordupecig E-liquid Variety Pack to me they have one if not the best tobacco eliquid TMO
  10. shatner

    shatner Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Personally, I find the flavor of Word up's American Spirit so similar to an analog I don't like it anymore. Their RY4 is good, too.
  11. Doctor Rock

    Doctor Rock Senior Member

    Thanks, everyone! I really want to take the plunge on this one...I still haven't yet. :(

    Yes! Our Olde English Bulldogge name "Burly." He's 11 months old and the best dog we've ever owned :)
: wordup
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