2019 Preliminary Youth Tobacco Survey

2019 Preliminary Youth Tobacco Survey

Hi Kristen. 27.5% seems a bit high for me, knowing that vaping isn't totally safe. What percentage are you personally comfortable with.?
@r77r7r Keep in mind that the 27% is "had at least 1 puff in the past 30 days." Only around 3% are daily vapers and most of those were already smoking. That means the vast majority of teens "vaping" are likely just trying a few puffs off of a friend or family member's device, not daily users. It's not surprising the number of kids "trying" vaping rose after all of the ANTZ have been coming out essentially saying "Just say no."

It's my belief that ANTZ are the most responsible for the rise in teens trying the products. Note that for 2 years after Juul came on the market, teen vaping DECLINED, then th ANTZ started telling them (via PSAs and media) that it was the cool new thing that they shouldn't do, that it came in kid-friendly flavors and was easy to hide from parents and teachers!
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