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Nov 25, 2013
Aug 14, 2012
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Super Member, from Michigan

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Nov 25, 2013
    1. Sundrinkr
    2. Sundrinkr
    3. dragonbone
    4. steved5600
      Thanks for pointing me to vapor revue. Got my maple cured bacon in. Made some Mocha. Felt like breakfast only with out the calories. Going to have to sweeten the mocha a bit.
      Is stevia of any use in juice or is there a better way.
    5. steved5600
      Cool. I like them because they don't break. The numbers don't wear off. Cool I have to figure out how to use the sell and trade. way cool on the flavors. I have multiple ways to measure. I was making my own water purification stuff for camping for some reason the DEA put a clamp on Iodine and the commercial product went away. I guess someone uses it to make drugs. So I have precision scales, Graduated cylinders several sizes of syringes with blunt tips. But the pipettes I use the most.
      Have a good one.
      OH got my Provari back, Good news from one of two doctors, celebrate 1 month today. Floating on vapor. LOL
    6. steved5600
      If you ever go diy let me know. I bought a 100 Plastic Transfer Pipettes 3ml, Graduated for like 4 bucks.
      Don't want to sell them. Since I reuse them I won't be running out for a while. Just postage. They are handy for filing tanks etc too.
    7. steved5600
      Thought of one question. I dont' need much of a throat hit. Nicotine does some of that. Is there another factor to reduce that. Like the pg to vg ratio. I"m at 50-50 right now
    8. steved5600
      Sound good I have to use up all I have now before doing it. But that is what I was looking for. I am not really attracted to the tobacco for some reason. I use to be a pipe smoker and I almost always got some sort of exotic flavor. Love the taste but pipes were to damn much trouble. Pipe smoking is not really smoking it's a hobby of trying to keep the damn thing lit. So I went to dog turds and then to inhaling because of the nic hit.
      48 is going to do it after adding flavor. thanks for all your help
      If you have a techi question I may be able to help. That was my job for a long time before being a net eng.
      One guy on hear put it good. I was coughing up butter. Or as I say a work of modern art.
      Inhaling cigars was taking its toll. Will be glad to be rid of them. Also very expensive when you smoke 2-4 a day.
    9. steved5600
      Good Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go DIY. My sense of taste is messed up from an injury so I need strong flavor. I have not really found one on here I like yet. I'll check them out. I'm also in the 40mg on nicotine i use to inhale cigars not the little ones either. So I like that nicotine hit.. Flavor is what keeps me off tobacco. I had gotten a couple of tobacco flavors and end up not liking them after the 1st week.
    10. steved5600
      Good. Still deciding on a flavor. On battery that died picked when I was about to send it back to start working again but not before receiving a replacement. LOL bad news I got them mixed up so now dont' know which was the trouble maker. So I'm super vaping to see if it acts up before monday. LOL Damn Nob tech mistake I use to be a Technician and you always mark or label stuff.
      Today I'm trying a coffee flavor.
      Love apple but needs to be stronger flavor.
    11. steved5600
      How goes the vaping?
    12. classwife
    13. BrianCig
      Thanks for the welcome and the friend invite. I was really bummed out after I got enough posts to have an avatar. It is actually a gif of her but the site doesn't let you use a gif and the size was way to large. So I had to brake the gif down into frames and then crop the best one I could find to make it work :(

      Here is the actual full gif
    14. AutumnWolf
      I keep seeing you around the forum - just wanted to say welcome - and tell you your avi is SO COOL - I must be friends with you!! :)
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