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May 17, 2018
Jun 1, 2009
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Unregistered Supplier, from UK / US

Abe was last seen:
May 17, 2018
    1. Ken Newbie HK
      Ken Newbie HK
      Hi, my name is Ken and I am from Hong Kong, may I know how can I order your e-juice? As I tried to place order from your website but the system told me that you cannot ship to Hong Kong, can you help, thanks.
    2. roberted5
      My Ego 510 starter kit I got about a year ago has been working great and produce the most vapor than any E-cig I've tried and that's been many.
      It's time for new batteries and about the only thing I would want is a warmer vapor.
      I'm a dripper,I've tried everything else and they have the cleanest taste,tanks just don't seem to work for me.
      Do the 603's atomizers come in a regular and/or LR and will they fit in the 510 threads of a Riva or Ego 900T 510?
      I've tried calling the 888 number but it was in the middle of holidays,is there a good time to call,I'm in the Central Time Zone.
      Robert Dawson
    3. pnc81498
      HI placed a order but took me a while site kept kicking me out then wouldnt reload just want to make sure it went through... Thank You in Advance Never mind got in seen it:)
    4. CrankyGoldfish
      Hi, Abe. I ordered a Riva SE starter from LF on June 28 and got it just this last Saturday. One of the two Riva batteries does not not want to give a consistent charge to the atomizer. I'll push the button and it lights up for a second or two, then shuts off. Every so often, it'll fire back up a second later but not always. The sister battery works just fine, but this one seems a bit cranky.
    5. LeAnn
      Hi Abe, just check site again, and it says that I don't have an order but yes it is a red egot bat,1000mah and red cone to match. Didn't get the order # when I ordered cause I was having trouble with the site but paypal sent me an e-mail that they sent you the money. Good to know that you got it, Thanks
    6. DuncanDisordely
      Abe, You ROCK!

      Just wanted to place a personal thank you for all the help and support you have given me in my vaping journey :)

      PS - I've converted 5 peeps so far! (and all will be going through LF of course)
    7. roberted5
      I'm trying to put together an order on your site.I've picked out the Ego starter kit with a 3pack of the same atomizers that come with kit and same cartridges.

      I'm using V4L right now.Do you have any adapters available so I can use my V4L cartomizers with the Ego battery?If so can you send me a message of the part number or link so I can include it with my order?
    8. dntbuyblu
      hi abe i just ordered your joy ego kit for the ecf users i hope i ordered the right 1 can you check to make sure its the kit with 2 batteries 2 atomizers i got very confused on your website seemed there was 2 different prices for the same product also if you find any riva 510 kits @ 29 bucks i want 2 of the kits asap anyway you can email me at thank you very much
      Order #9863
    9. jonny2hottie
      Hey Abe, I just ordered under username jonnymertz from liberty smoke website but didn't get the ECF discount. Also I noticed it hasn't shipped out yet. Can you please add a white ego cone to my order and I will paypal the difference. Thanks.

    10. Abe
      Hi Rob, due to the high voulme we have not been able to ship all the orders for each day since about Thursday, some some of Thursday's rolled over to Friday, some of Friday's rolled over to Saturday, etc. Yours might be in that pile, if so, sorry about that we will get it to you asap.
    11. Mr.Self_Destruct
      Hi, I placed an order on the 21st. I haven't heard anything yet. I was wondering when it was going to ship if it hasn't already. order # 7912

      Thank you,
    12. snorkelsandy
      thanks for your response. Here is my order # 5681. I just ordered this morning, but I did not yet get a confirmation email. Can you tell me what your process and time is for shipping?
      thank you,
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