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Jun 15, 2015
Apr 29, 2009
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United States (Utah) SLC

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Super Member, from United States (Utah) SLC

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Jun 15, 2015
    1. Serpent67
      Congrats Wendy! Much joy with the new baby and don't be a stranger here on ECF :)
    2. RobFindlay
      Oh holy cow, another Utah Vaper!!! I thought I was the only one!!! We need to get a group together...
    3. AcePilot
      Alright... So if anyone is wondering if I'm alive, the answer is yes! I haven't been to the forum much these past few weeks because... I pregnant! I quit vaping cold turkey and I honestly feel fine. I still really miss the hand to mouth, so I can't be here drooling over everything I see anymore. ;) Nicotine free for two weeks now, and I don't think I would have been able to do it without vaping!
    4. Serpent67
      Thank You :)

      Not sure bout you, but I am subjected to others smoking daily. Normally a bad influence, but in the case of vaping no big deal because I have alternative and vaping taste better. Sometimes I even light up one just to get that nasty taste to remind me how awful they are. Many think that it would be trigger, but just the opposite for me. Drives me furthur away and cements in stone how crappy cigarettes are. :D
    5. Serpent67
      Yes I agree. I felt bad first time too, but what was pointed out to me that even though you failed, just consider the time frame you did not smoke hence the absent numbers of analogs you had in that time. None is best, but not as many is good too. Even if you cheat once per day like after eating when craving the worst you have went from packs a day to almost nill. That's pretty darn good considering the old school ways of quitting which had MUCH more percentage of total failure with a binge make up sure to follow.

      I'm never afraid to speak my mind or tell of my failures. I'm human and humans fail, but we can also win by persistence too :)
    6. Serpent67
      Yes it is. I highly suspect we are not alone and very doubtful, though others might not be willing to admit it. Maybe they chime in on thread too?
    7. Serpent67
      I agree with what you said. When I was stressed I went straight to analogs too and second time starting back vaping was harder as well.

      A vicious cycle it seems. I could never not vape or smoke and go without nic. No way! :D
    8. ThatJoeGuy
      Hah! Love the profile pic...
    9. ThatJoeGuy
      Love seeing other Utah vapers around here!
    10. volsfan2010
      hey just joined group thought id say hi
    11. son et lumiere
      son et lumiere
      Hi Ace, Hope you are doing well. -Son
    12. son et lumiere
    13. LACENAIRE35
      Hmmm you seem to be a great specialist of eliquids recipies ! :p



    14. AcePilot
    15. VpnDrgn
      Hello Ace, about the post on accessories-
      Go to Johnson Creek Smoke Juice and check out there leather cig case. It's not bad, real leather would have been better and I wouldn't recommend for manual batts ( a review mentioned slit for button but mine didn't have one )3 slots would have been much better. Isn't there a way to form and stiffen leather? Would have made this much better.
    16. shoey
      he hurt her feelings? what a dummy!!
    17. shoey
      hey bud. anything cookin in your liquid laboratory? tell Melinda i said 'hi'. :)
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    Im Wendy, and I sew... A LOT!



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