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Jul 12, 2011
Jul 1, 2010
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Rock Hill, SC

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Senior Member, from Rock Hill, SC

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alnjessie was last seen:
Jul 12, 2011
    1. mg7454
      I wanted to send you a request for friendship.
      Please go to my profile and add me as your friend!
      Christian Vapers
    2. Chalie_Champ
      Nope no ego :(....i got my others in 3 days and they was like a 1000 miles more away then my ego....
    3. Chalie_Champ
      See if he would of givin me a stupid tracking number i could look it up and see where it is......guess i got to wait till tuesday now. How could he forget to get the tracking number ?!?!
    4. alnjessie
      oh yay......let me know what u think if u get it and get to try it out....even though u prob need to charge it to a full charge there should be enough power to try it out...i know ur excited
    5. Chalie_Champ
      The mail man is here, better have my ego, ill trip him if he dont
    6. alnjessie
      You are the vacume lol...
    7. Chalie_Champ
      wow thats so nuts, how does the juice flow up the tube with out a "vacume" sucking the juice up?
    8. Chalie_Champ
    9. alnjessie
      You have people from all walks of life's getting people more aware of them, most r not proud they smoke and would like an alternative. I recently took a leave of absence from my job to concentrate on being a mom and housewife which is what my family needs more than money right now,I work in the medical field with one year to go b a RN. I have also worked with my dad doing fence and working honey bees with his company(not a big company though) I 'm a jack of all trades but not a pro at anything lol. feel free to chat anytime did you make ur order?
    10. Chalie_Champ
      i enjoyed talking with you the other day hope to talk again sometime, by the way just wondering what type of people get into e-cigs, what do you do for a living and how did you get into e-cigs
    11. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your post yesterday while you were helping people out. I've noticed you've been in the OUTSIDE a little bit lately. I love to stay in the OUTSIDE, but you gotta be tough in there lol. Don't let it get to you! You'll run into some tough customers when religion comes up! Stick to your guns and enjoy.
    12. Chalie_Champ
      I found a riva kit for onlu $3 more then the ego kit, what do you think i should get, i trust your opinion.
    13. alnjessie
      I would not, in fact even on here today someone made a post that the initially go the 510 kit and then got the eGo kit and wished they had started wih the eGo instead...there is a difference in the two..the more powerful battery not only last longer but because stronger mah it works better. When I was telling you about the vari voltage ones in the beginning they are the best, but for saving some money and still getting good vape experience I would go with the eGo anything less you would not be satisfied with and would regret it. Look at itlike buying a car somewhat...There is the luxury cars BMW/Porshe (the vari volts) the mid range mustang/Dodge Charger(the eGo) and the lesser a pinto/cavalier that you later wish you could cash in at the cash for clunkers which is anything less than a eGo
    14. Chalie_Champ
      what about a 510 mega...i see a kit cheap, hear it works like a "champ" or should i just spend the extra 20 and be better off
    15. Chalie_Champ
      ok im getting the ego tomorrow, but now im told about pg=T.H. and VG=vapor...people start at 80%pg and 20%vg is this a good combo to feel that analog cig type feeling in the back of your throught? when i ordered i didnt see anything about a percentage, just how meny mg of nic you want.....
    16. Chalie_Champ
      sweet my first friend on and a cutie at that...oops srry im too forward sometimes,
    17. Chalie_Champ
      so whats up with the LR atomizers....low resistance, this mean you dont have to suck your eyeballs out of your head? i hear that you have to get used to them, why whats there to get used to?.......whats next to your pic? just say no to ego ?!?!?! damn im bout to give up the e-cig im starting to think they are all the same
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