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Andy Thatcher
Last Activity:
Jun 5, 2018
Jan 22, 2012
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November 30
Brit in Orlando
Network Operations Manager @ CenturyLink

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Andy Thatcher

Ultra Member, from Brit in Orlando

ECF Veteran
Andy Thatcher was last seen:
Jun 5, 2018
    1. Eagle Talon
    2. Andy Thatcher
      Andy Thatcher
      Guess you can't just remove these visitors messages then.
    3. MeowMix
      Sounds good, just shoot me a message when you get up.
    4. Tamster
      Hi, Andy! Thanks for your offer! Alas, I'm in South Florida (Palm Beach County, and yes, I'm embarrassed to admit it, lol!) so as much as I'd like to jump on it, I am probably too far away to do so! Thank you, though for being so generous! :)
    5. Andy Thatcher
      Andy Thatcher
      It is thought that when America/Canada had Vikings settlements that they brought some mastiffs. In time they evolved into Newfs. By the time Newfoundland was "discovered" there was a thriving population of the breed.

      Boris weighs in a 185lb. I suppose there are gentler breeds that Newfies....just haven't come across them. Yep they are made for snuggling a being used as pillows as my 3 & 5 year wilds can attest.
    6. ambeck22
      Like a Mastiff, too? I love those dogs :). Do you get accosted when you're out with Boris? We saw a black Newfoundland at Disney years ago and my mom and I never forgot it. The owner let us love on it while telling us a bit about the breed. My brother has a black lab and he is huge for his breed. Clumsy as all get-out, as well. Thank you for humoring me with my impromptu dog conversation!
    7. ambeck22
      So sweet! Such beautiful dogs, and I would love to snuggle them in bed! Alas, I have only kitties :(. Hi, Boris!!
    8. ambeck22
      Oh, my, is that a Newfoundland in your picture/avatar?
    9. Cracker23
      Good deal, sold. I can send it out as soon as payment arrives. I live in Buford, GA 30518. Not sure what the cost will be or if you want insurance or expedited shipping?
    10. Andy Thatcher
      Andy Thatcher
      I have been itching to get one, and a VV device so this ticked all the boxes.

      Tempted to change it but you know....think I may like the lived in look.
    11. Loveridden
      I have a caged VV altoid box mod too and I LOVE it!! You can replace the front cover too btw. Buy a new altoids and carefully bend back the old front on the hinges and take off. Then put the new altoids cover on it and carefully bend back the hinges if needed. I have done this with mine and it looks brand new.
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  • About

    November 30
    Brit in Orlando
    Network Operations Manager @ CenturyLink
    Brit/Euro Ex Pat living in Orlando happily with wife, err how I ended up in Orlando, and 2 young boys and 3 bonus kids.

    Fishing, birdwatching, reading playing with the kids. Watching Dr Who and Sherlock.


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