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Sep 8, 2014
Sep 29, 2009
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Super Member, 51, from Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

ECF Veteran Verified Member
angelique510 was last seen:
Sep 8, 2014
    1. Mr.Mad
    2. LACENAIRE35
      Thanks to have accepted my friend request Angelique,
      See you here :)


    3. suddenly
      The Jesus face palm is so inspiring. I really like it. Where did you find it?
    4. shepp
      yeah it was a crazy week for me moving, sorry i missed your calls...but the good thing is, i'm finally all moved into the new place....thank god! lol
    5. shepp
      hey, sorry bout kicked me off. lemme know when you get here and we all can figure out something to do.
    6. DonDaBoomVape
      Actually, it is my wife who loves detective stories (and old movies). [I just asked her if she had ever seen that movie. Her response: Oh, yeah!] I'm more of an SF man myself.

      Your first child is name Vincent Alice? I bet he never reveals his middle name.:D
    7. DonDaBoomVape
      I've not seen that movie, but it certainly describes my vaping knowledge (other than, perhaps, of penstyles and Kr8s, of which I have extensive first-hand knowledge). Another way to put it: Jack of all (vaping) trades, master of none (well, two).;)

      Always good to hear from you, Angelique!

    8. shepp
      haha, thats why i thought you used a 510. yeah the ego looks nice, and all the reviews seem pretty good on them too.
    9. shepp
      hey, have you tried the janty ego's yet? i've been looking at them but they are out of stock at the moment so i figured i'd use the 510's, what do you think about them?
    10. Mac
      The show was ok. The music was great but the venue got shut down the day before the show by the ABC people. We did find a different venue but with such short notice of a venue change alot of people didn't make it. So we rocked hard but only for about 40 people. As a result we only raised $100 for CASAA. Was hoping to do more. Every little bit does help though and over all I can't say I regret it.
    11. shepp
      lol, sure, sounds like a plan =)
    12. shepp
      hey boo boo, hows the move going? really lookin forward to you getting here. here's my number for when you do. wish you were already here cuz i'm having a bonfire at the house tonight. well, hope all is well with ya :) 757-875-0408
    13. artymis
      Hello, how long does a blu cig cart last? I have cut way back and one cart of my Bloog last about 3-4 days sometimes longer, my battery goes dead a lot though. Have read good and bad things about the Blu though. Like it turns on with noise? Anyway, just wondering about how long a cart and battery last.

      Thank you

    14. Jaganic_Solitude
      I just took a look at the necklace ya made for your e cig and it looks lovely! I just wanted to say it as a visitor message...since this is actually my first message ever! xD Anyways, happy vaping and have a great weekend! -Jag
    15. wood_510
      Soot me a message when you receive the blucig stuff I sent to you. I just want to make sure that it gets there alright.
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