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Nov 8, 2012
Apr 5, 2009
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Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 58)
Lake Ariel, PA.

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Super Member, 58, from Lake Ariel, PA.

ECF Veteran
AngeLsLuv was last seen:
Nov 8, 2012
    1. classwife
    2. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Angel, Hiya! I noticed you were posting in the Women's Room sign in area..nobdy but me sees that area! Come post with us in the Women's Room forum. Lots of new people and some of us oldtimers in there...look in the social groups on the front page..or click my link.
      see you soon I hope1
    3. JerryRM
      Hi Jules, sorry I'm late in replying. It goes well, how about with you ?
    4. lowboy
      Thanks for sharing with me. Now I know you a little better.
    5. ladysolitary85
      How are you doing????? I miss you!!! :D
    6. JerryRM
      Happy Birthday, Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have a very nice one.
    7. Nikolai1125
      Thanks for the request!!! I am honored!!!!
    8. WOW
      Thank you for your very warm wishes, Jules - you too!

      I don't know what you mean by not being helpful in the forums, though I haven't been around that much of late and haven't read many post from you. Where are you hanging around these days?
    9. WOW
      You're most welcome. Appreciate your helpful posts, myself! :2cool:
    10. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Well there you are! :) How have you been? Come chat with us in the Women's Room!
    11. ladysolitary85
      Hey Jules!

      Sorry it took me forever to get back to you, I lost my job at Jack in the Box and was trying to get unemployment, my grandmother passed away and all this was around my 25th b-day :(

      I'm so sorry about your kitty :( lossing a fur friend always sucks. When I took Moo (my cat) back to the vet for her shots I saw a man rush out of the vet. You could tell he just lost his fur friend. I refused to call them animals because to me, yes their animals but they are best friends too.

      I just got a job at a Chevron station, I'm excited! but its a graveyard shift. The good thing though is doors close at 10pm and the window is open 24hrs. So I don't have to deal with people coming in and out every hour, and if I get a weirdo I could always hide and hope there's a panic button.

      Did you know 7/Eleven now carries e-cigs??? for $20 in my town.
    12. ladysolitary85
      Part 3

      I go in later today to find out if I'm employed or not.... grr... I'm not on the schedule at all and I really don't know what their deal is with me.

      Just in time before my birthday too.... grr lol. I wanted to get some liquids or try a high voltage ecig... Actually been kinda curious about the 901, heard it gives off better flavor than the 510 does and batt life is longer.
    13. ladysolitary85
      Part 2

      Yea I've been to vaporplace, I usually go to though, great people and man those guys go as far as building mods and they're all great people there. I have a cam and I video chat here and there.

      I'm still using the 510 but I'm struggling with pulling away from analogs too. I get a love-hate relationship with analogs. the highest mg I have is 26, though I think maybe if I go for a 30 or 36 it might be enough to kick the analogs to the curb.

      My theory is either I need to up the dose or maybe try a high voltage mod.

      Oh and I got my mom vaping (shes struggling like I am though) and my aunt is vaping woohoo! One family member at a time.

      Granny is playing mad scientist creating her juices :) I did link her to this site. Shes already converted 8 people into the 510.woohoo!
    14. ladysolitary85
      Part 1
      Jules :) I get excited when you throw chapters at me, I need to find a bookmark to keep up with them :D

      Just turned my kitty in to get spayed today *sniffles* She'll be gone all day I'm so sad. But I'm just glad I gave her to this vet instead of the one I was going to give her to. The other one would of only charged $25 (if I said she was a stray) and they would of clipped her ear (I guess in Cali thats how they mark stray cats, to let animal control know their fixed). I was not ok with that, they didn't even offer pain meds. The place shes at now charges $60 (if shes not in heat, $80 if she is) and they offer pain meds and informed me she was only allowed water after 10pm day before the surgery..... sooo glad I knew that and went with them. I miss her though, the plan to keep her over night. At least they show that they care.
    15. ladysolitary85
      Angel!!! :D

      Eh I'm doing ok right now, we're not in a rush to move to Vegas but it may happen. My job is still giving me bad hours but my guy is getting great hours so we're doing ok.

      I got my grandmother vaping, and I've created a mad scientist lol shes creating her own liquids and is completely off the cigarettes. Been smoke free for 3 weeks! Almost completely off the nicotene even! I'm so thrilled!

      I'm glad your doing ok and I know how overwhelming it is to have a bunch of e-mails.
    16. leannebug
      Hi Jules :) :) Thank you!
      You have a hookah... that is SO cool. I just was reading about them last week. Found a cool website, they look really really interesting. Did it help you quit? Which do you like better? ecigs or the hookah? I want one just cuz they look so AWESOME (am I in junior high, or what?) ;)

      Oh.. Paula is right there below me ^^^^^ flip that upside down. I saw her post on your board, so was saying hi :)
    17. pm2006
      Here we are again. lol
    18. leannebug
      Hi AnglesLUV!

      Finally figured out how to reply to you! :)

      Thank you for that nice note! You are right... most of the people I have met on the boards are very very nice. And some are SUPER UBER nice. and then of course, there are the few I'd like to bury WAAAAAy out in the back yard :) but that's just a small few.

      Thanks again, and sorry it took me a few weeks to respond! There is so much to learn here, and my pea brain only absorbs small amounts at a time ;)


      ::waves at Paula:::
    19. pm2006
      Why is that? Do we need to get a life??
    20. ladysolitary85
      Where'd you go? *scratches head*
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    Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 58)
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    I'll try anything once :)


    Blessings and May Your Path Be Smooth,

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