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Nov 8, 2012
Apr 5, 2009
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Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 56)
Lake Ariel, PA.

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Super Member, 56, from Lake Ariel, PA.

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Nov 8, 2012
    1. ladysolitary85
      Thanks Jules for the link! :) I wont be able to buy anytime soon though :-(

      Going through hell at the moment, my apt is going under foreclosure and having a reciever from the court taking over the management. I'm trying to pay my rent completely while having my electric bill of $250 hanging over my head... (my guy lost his job, I've been focusing on just paying rent the past few months).

      Might be moving to Vegas in a few months though. My guy's aunt is willing to let us stay with her for a month till we're situated and offered me a job at the daycare she works at. My guy is into the culinary world so it would be good for him. The only thing that worries me is minimum wage is lower there than Cali, but opportunities are better there.

      My New Years ended with being buzzed only for an hr! it was lame lol
    2. ladysolitary85
      Jules where did ya go??? I miss reading Parts from you. lol ohhhh you replied on your page! XD no wonder!

      yep not only did they screw up by telling me to keep the old one till they send me a new one... but guess what I found out... they were out of stock of the black packs when I ordered it. Isn't that ummmmmmm oh I don't know false advertisement????

      Oh but no worries, I fought hard for me paid postage from them. I better get my money back or I'll be pissed
    3. AngeLsLuv
      Backup... Blu said you can keep the old one until they sent you the new ones that were the ones you really ordered and they screwed up but now they want you to send the wrong one back and then they wull send you the one's you ordered???
    4. AngeLsLuv
      As far as Diabetes.. I could scare the hell out of you with it.. I've been a type 1 since 1977 and am on an insulin pump for afew years.. I'm far from perfect but at this point I try my best... Your guy, well he will probably go on and not pay attention with it until something big happens and it will knock some sense into him ;)

      If Brittney Murphy was a diabetic, she could have gone into ketoacidosis or insulin shock and that could have killed her...
    5. ladysolitary85
      Oh by the way.... Blu is crap if you want to go for something like blu go for volcano. Blu really pissed me off big time! first they sent me the wrong color batteries and told me I can use the one I have until my exchange comes in (I actually have a e-mail stating that even!) and now I was just informed I have to return what I have to exchange my Blu (also having to pay shipping w/o being credited for it) and I wont get my exchange until I mail it in! (in my opinion bad bad customer service!) I WILL be speaking to a supervisor tomorrow!
    6. ladysolitary85
      I was shocked that Brittany Murphy died at such a young age... that's just scary! If it is diabetes that killed her that just scares me even more, my guy has that but lives life as if he doesn't. I also heard it was either a heart prob or a drug issue.
    7. ladysolitary85
      LOL Your more than welcome to talk with me over the phone :) actually I think that would be fun and better! I wish I had more friends to talk to who likes e-cigs. I also think its crap that they don't tax cigars. But its because the big shots don't smoke cigarettes. I'm a little concerned about the FDA trying to ban e-cigs, but hopefully Judge Leon will speak for the adults out there. Worse case scenario we order from China. Did you see my little CSI Miami spoof comic in the Smoking Everywhere FDA dock thread??? page 390.
    8. ladysolitary85
      Oh crap see that's exactly why I'm always afraid to order online from an untrusted companies. I got lucky with my SE only because my e-cig guy is nice enough to replace whatever I need. I work at the mall also, so we usually talk on my breaks, or I come in or whenever I have an issue. He bought me starbucks once and in return I got him a gift card for it. Be good to your e-cig guys, they'll be good to you I guess. Blu wont replace attys that REALLY pisses me off since my friend burnt it out in one freakin night!
    9. plantlvr
      Well I've been going round and round with SE, and just got this email today from them-

      'Unfortunately we received your one day later than the 14 days for that reason no refunds will be issue. There is nothing we can do about that.'
      I am SO pissed off! I emailed right back saying I have proof that they received the kit back two days before the 'free' trial ended. Also told them that I will file suit against them and warned them that i was dead serious.
      Also talked with my bank about the whole issue, man what a scummy outfit! Type in 'Smoking Everywhere complaints on Google and you would be amazed!
    10. plantlvr
      SE so totally sux! I'm now threatening them with a lawsuit cus they say I didn't send back the 'free trial' within 14 days! I looked at my bank statement and when they received the kit back, and I am 2 days before the 'trial' ended! Just sent another email to their so called 'customer support', gad what a nasty company!
      And to top it off, they offered me a really great deal on one of thier kits!!!
      I'm going after those xxxxheads!!!!
    11. Kate51
      Thanks angel, they did finally get some in, but I had ordered a bunch of stuff from (china) same stuff, same cost and received in a week and some attys from MyVaporStore. I waited for Janty long enough, probably 5 weeks before I got a 'back in stock' email, if I could find some batteries and attys I don't know why they couldn't keep stuff on hand for their customers. Their service is horrid, and their 'reps' are even worse mannered. "you can buy where ever you want to" was his brilliant answer. Genius. Thanks for the note! Kate
    12. ladysolitary85
      Part 3
      You've got me addicted in writing in parts now lol. I honestly see Hookah still staying around. I'm really peeved that NJoy are being sissies and just taking it from the FDA "oh oh ok yea we're a tobacco product we wont have flavors". As much as I'm peeved at SE I hope their smart enough to use their balls! I think honestly some of the liquid stores are afraid. There are some that WILL stay unless the law takes place that they can't sell them.

      My cat thinks our tree is a cat tree for her (thank goddess its a fake one) We had to take down the lights because she kept biting at them like their bugs or something lol.

      My guy is making steak.... (I know I'm random lol) I just love the fact that one of us can cook :)
    13. ladysolitary85
      Part 2.
      Here's the link to Volcano: Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette...home of the best eCig
      These guys are the same makers from Blu (from what I've heard) but I think Blu batteries look nicer. The Blu forum : has a few other sponsors on their site that are new e-cigs to me and has nice little packs. All and all I like the Blu my SE carts looks like cheap bendable plastic that needs to be sanded down on the mouth piece. and its tiny! physically and weight wise.
    14. ladysolitary85
      Part 1
      LOL I admit I was a bit afraid after surrendering my credit card to Blu. I think they got their shipping issue sorted out. The reason why they were so bad with the shipping to begin with was because they didn't expect thousands of people to order and they weren't ready for stock.... (Go figure!) I've played with my Blu for awhile and the flavor does kick in after a few puffs. They just feel like a light cigarette at first. (was drinking last night, when I drink I chain smoke so that's how I know the Blu develops flavor eventually lol)
    15. plantlvr
      Not yet...was supposed to be in my bank account a week ago! i called the one guy who really seemed to be helping and i got his voicemail, so I left a message. he did call me back [surprised me!] but haven't had a chance to call him back.
      Tomorrow i get off work at 2pm so I'm going to get on the phone for the tenth time and try to quit being so nice;)
      I'll pm you with the results and thanks for asking!
    16. ladysolitary85
      Part 4

      I think they're afraid to ban hookah for two reasons: 1. It's almost like a religious thing for middle eastern people and 2. They WILL fight back on that lol. and I don't blame them one bit!

      It ticks me off how submissive Americans are these days!
    17. ladysolitary85
      Part 3
      P.S. voice is back to normal but still having a bit of sniffles and coughs, getting better though!
    18. ladysolitary85
      Part 2.
      Pros: I love the idea of the pack! The e-cig itself is tiny! wayy lighter than my SE and the carts don't look nearly as cheap either.Somewhat good vapor productions.

      Cons: The carts seem to lack flavor (its like you get a hint of the flavor but its not overpowering at all) It kind of reminds me of a light or an ultra light analog.

      I'm not giving up on that though, Volcano sale blank carts and they are compatible with Blu. Overall I've waited a week for Blu which isn't bad compared to all the horror stories I've heard.

      I can't believe Altsmoke is doing that! The only e-liquid I see being confident is Johnson Creek. They don't seem afraid of the FDA and are doing all they can to continue the flavors they have but still putting "safety for kids" first. HA HA!

      I usually celebrate Yule with my family but not in my own little spiritual way. I never had the opportunity do to so, but this year I just might be about to!
    19. ladysolitary85
      So the Blu came in the mail today but there was a bit of complications in the mail. I ordered the black batteries and black pack, they set me white ones. I also ordered an additional pack so my guy and I could have our own pack and I really hate the idea of not having a thing to store my e-cigs. No problems, they're shipping me an exchange and told me I could still use the one I have until I get the exchange. Now I have some pro and cons about Blu.
    20. ladysolitary85
      LOL Yea this voice is awful! But I should be getting my voice back soon... hopefully lol.

      Yea my 510 wasa a hand me down, I think it was modded can't tell for sure. It has no LED light and the RY4 was also a hand me down from MyVaporStore. Maybe I didn't care for the taste because it was already opened? All I know is I need to find me a good 24 mg flavor.

      Speaking of flavors, did you hear NJoy ditched theirs??? :( chickens! We need a company that will stand up and fight the FDA now bow down and be cowards!

      So far in my tiny collection I have a SE, 510, and a Blu coming on its way (you would think I would know better than to buy Blu, but my guy is curious and the portable pack won him).

      At least the dark side has cookies :) I still smoke 4 a day.... grr lol
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    Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 56)
    Lake Ariel, PA.
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