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Nov 8, 2012
Apr 5, 2009
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Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 56)
Lake Ariel, PA.

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Super Member, 56, from Lake Ariel, PA.

ECF Veteran
AngeLsLuv was last seen:
Nov 8, 2012
    1. ladysolitary85
      Well heres the good news: I feel a little better, no more runny nose and not coughing as much.
      Bad news: I sound like a freakin chipmunk now.... geeze

      Just in time for the holidays too!

      *sings Alvin and the Chipmunk "Christmas Don't Be Late"*

    2. ladysolitary85
      Yea for some reason when I tried to vape, it makes my throat even more sensitive, but when I smoke analogs its harsh, but not as bothersome. Weird huh? I wonder why that works like that. I got a order in the mail on its way here and its going to piss me off if I can't try it because I'm sick! (just recently got a 510 but with no LED light. It was a hand me down, along with a 24mg RY4 that I wasn't impressed with, but I think the 24 mg is the level I need to quit analogs. Then me being a dummy decided to try Blu... yea I'm a dummy but I want to compare it to SE.)

      I'm online because I can't sleep. I can breathe a little bit better than yesterday. Grrr day and night quil don't do **** for me though. Neither does Theraflu. I need to get better :(
    3. ladysolitary85
      LOL hello kitty mp3 player that just made my day!

      Was wondering where you were glad you popped back up :D

      I don't think I'm as brave as you are with experimenting with tobacco. Things are so-so here. Still smoking 5 analogs a day, though now I've got this wonderful cold ...... yea not happy my throat is sore and I want to vape. My nose is KILLING me! My throat is sore and my guy made me some green tea w/ honey and whiskey to try to knock me out.... which worked for the time. I don't feel as bad as yesterday but my throat is still sore.
    4. ladysolitary85
      Hey how was your turkey day!


      did you by any chance come up with a sweet potatoe e-juice??? :D
    5. Slickstick
      It isn't a big deal really, if you know what you are doing. I just got super worried when you said ok I'm doing it! and then disappeared!
    6. Slickstick
      dude are you dead?
    7. JerryRM
      I had family in Rockville, CT. I spent a week in the summer with them, did that for a few years. Yep, Emma Watson is a student at Brown, I think she decided to go there, to avoid the press that would follow her in a big city.
    8. ladysolitary85
      Greatttt.... but don't lose hope just yet.... the bill still has to travel a few places before it becomes a law.
    9. ladysolitary85
      LOL! you crack me up! Chris Martin is a hotty though I'll give ya that :)

      Any new word on how the PACT ACT hearing went??? when will we know???

      Yea while their at it why don't they just move to Mars and they can have their own little socialist organized government there! ha!
    10. JerryRM
      With a face like that, how could I say no !!! I'm a cat lover too.
    11. plantlvr
      Hi Jules, yeah that is easier to spell! Wow 6 kitties? I'm almost there, 3 in the house and two strays outside that I feed. Set up a little shelter for them to get out of the weather, so sad when people dump their pets!
      Man i wish i had never gotten married...3 times for me, never again! i like living alone and it's so nice not have someone so critical waiting for you after a hard days work. My smoking was something he hated for the 12 years we were together, kinda funny that once we split I quit HA!
      Just got off the phone with SE, asked to speak with a supervisor and got a voicemail, left a pretty strong worded message using the the 'lawyer' word, we'll see. I'm going to keep fighting those asshats till i get my money back, you're right I could use that money for my vaping stuff!
      Well it's off to work for me soon, I'm the 'plant' person at our local Lowes and we're getting the christmas trees and poinsettias in to you soon! Kim[aka plantlvr]
    12. ladysolitary85
      Will do! lol we need humor in this controlling world. sheesh!

      crossing all fingers and toes for tomorrow
    13. ladysolitary85
      lmao! wow Alex Jones is out there isn't he? :)
    14. ladysolitary85
      I'll do one with you :)

      Hopefully the FDA goes back home kicking rocks
    15. ladysolitary85
      Well let me know when you find that link. I would much rather Arnold as a president... Not saying he's not a good Govenator :D but he definitely understands the freedom of choice, speaking for the people.

      I never payed attention to the FDA, until now. Until they effected us all.

      The PACT Act hearing is tomorrow at 10am.... keep your fingers crossed and hope the hearing gets stepped on.
    16. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Anglel, you have to look below and to the right of each post in here and you will see "View converstion". It will show the whole conversation..both sides. It took me forever to figure that out! LOL All I asked the ladies to do was to check on newer posters in the women's room and request a friendship. It really makes a new person's day! I know it did mine. MK
    17. plantlvr
      Oh I meant the Vapor4Life vapor king. Forgot there was that other supplier! V4L rocks! Great product, fast shipping, free goodies with every order and if anything is wrong they replace, no questions asked. They don't even ask you to send the defective product back!
      SE is that nasty mall ecig ripoff, Smoking Everywhere', been trying to get my 100 bux back for weeks, going to have to get mean since nice isn't workin ;)
      I love your avatar, i have 3 of the little brats, they're my babies but still brats. But still MUCH nicer than the ex-husband:D
    18. plantlvr
      Hi AngeLsLuv! Thanks! I've only been vaping for about a month and a half but love it also! Started with a 510, but now use only my VaporKing. Still trying to get my money back from SE,ugh!
      No more smokes for me, isn't it great?
    19. ladysolitary85
      LOL I love how every time you write to me its always in part 1,2, 3 hehe :)

      Anyways, Yea I feel confident that the Governor got his head straight and speaking for the people... not for the little kids.... that still annoys me btw.

      Believe me if I had the ability to I would be sitting outside of the FDA's office holding up signs about how e-cigs have effected me, or even better, the white house.

      I really really wish the FDA was stupid enough to ban menthol just to see the riot that would of happened. Maybe then the FDA would of known who's boss lol
    20. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Angel, The whole board is kinda weird, they said by the end of the week the gliches should be cleared up..with any luck! We had a thing going on with the womens room to "friend" each other..trying to include some of the shyer ladies into posting and to make them feel included. I have only gotten thru half of the ladies in the womens room. It'[s not because I am! MK
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    Dec 2, 1963 (Age: 56)
    Lake Ariel, PA.
    I'll try anything once :)


    Blessings and May Your Path Be Smooth,

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