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Apr 11, 2014
Sep 2, 2011
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Mama -- however I have also been a beautician and

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Super Member, from Montana

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AngelsRUs was last seen:
Apr 11, 2014
    1. AngelsRUs
      10-13-2011 11:06 last PIF a note to me so I don't have to do another search...this site is huge lol!
    2. Loveridden
      I am making a package for you right now :) Thanks for giving me your addy, but I need ur full name as well to put on the package, or the name of someone living in the household. If you are just there temporarily and I put your name on the package, the postman may think there is a mistake. Unless you have changed your address at the post office to this address? Just need the name to put on it and this will go out to you tomm!
    3. bliss12897
      lol..yep. I really love it over here. Found a little home :) How ya been?
    4. BlueDogs
      Hiya, so sorry I took so long to get back! My computer has been acting up and having FMS I get brain fog and forgot to check the PIF thread I started! DUH!! Send me your addy and I can send you a few flavors to try. I got quite a few responses privately but haven't made it to the post office yet so I can try to split things up so everyone can get a little something :)
    5. VetSGT
      Nope I haven't heard anything either, but maybe they had long weekend being a holiday and all :)
    6. VetSGT
      Thank you very much that would be a big help :)
    7. musiceqlslife21
    8. bliss12897
      Hey Lady! There is a customize my profile option and I just went from there :)
    9. DonDaBoomVape
      How dare you make up your own words! I never do that.;)

      [And least you don't sing songs on ECF.:laugh:]
    10. DonDaBoomVape
      FYI: The 801 is yet another e-Cig model, but it is the same size and has the same general configuration as the 808 (only the threading is different).

      Indeed, atomizers are more useful than cartomizers for sampling e-liquid. [I'll be attending the upcoming VaperCon in Richmond, VA. My first purchase will be an atomizer (probably the Cisco LR 306) for my eGo-type batteries ... to use when sampling juices there.]

      To my knowledge, there is no Kr8 atomizer. However, for all practical purposes, you can think of the 901 atty as the Kr8 atomizer. It is fully compatible. [BTW, because of airflow issues, the reverse is not necessarily the case, i.e., a Kr8 cartomizer may not work on a 901 battery connection. Some do; some don't.] Virtually any supplier carries 901 atomizers; Good Prophets probably has the lowest price ... on both the attys and on those adapters I mentioned.
    11. DonDaBoomVape
      Woops! You are correct. "Confuzzle" has been in use since as early as 1993. It's not in stodgy dictionaries, but neither are many neat, useful words. The reason I hadn't heard of it, is that it appeared on the scene 30+ years after I was in Jr. High.:D So ... no copyright for you, I am afraid.

      Actually, it is not the prettiness of the photos that are value-added, but how they illustrate the text. [Especially useful, I think, for new vapers who have never seen the items in question.] For example, in a photo (which highlights the buttons) from the previous page of my WWV, notice the female vs. male connections of these two batteries.

      Reply continued in next post here...
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    Mama -- however I have also been a beautician and
    Friendly people person who tries to live out my beliefs and treat others courtously. I am a craft fanatic, I love DIY projects and I am a fairly frugal person who likes to find ways to save money, DIY projects and make a lot of stuff homemade. My dream has always been to be self-sufficient, living out in the boonies, living off the land...someday...

    Guitar, Crochet, Beading, various crafts and of course vapeing!
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