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Dec 19, 2018
Dec 30, 2010
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June 22
The Original ModFather, USA

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Ultra Member, from The Original ModFather, USA

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Dec 19, 2018
    1. classwife
    2. dragonbone
    3. classwife
    4. asnider123
      Many years, I taught at Sanger HS and Sema HS and Kings River College .. we lived there about 15-16 years, left for the Midwest in 95 .. still have a daughter over there in Kingsburg.
    5. TwistedInFresno
      yup...good ol fresburg...hasn't changed much. How long ago did you live in Reedley?

      Thank you so much for the feedback...the links...and your time :)
    6. TwistedInFresno
      Hi, I' ve been on ECF for about a year, vaping a Riva all that time. Batteries are declining, etc. and I decided it's time to try some modding. I just purchased one of old goats box mods, mainly so i can see inside. In chat, we were discussing doing mods with no monesuand no modding skills. Someone referred me to you as King of Cheap Mods. I sure would like to get some pointers from you.

      I already have a couple of those cheapie flashlights from Harbor Freight, and a plethora of different Altoids tins. I do not own, or know how to use a soldering iron, although i'm willing to learn. I don't have an understanding of electronics and wiring. I DO have a bunch of old computers around that i wonder if parts can be used from...thinking LEDs, maybe capacitors...?

      Also thinking that a mechanical mod might be less complicated for my first DIY.

      Any feedback, resources, or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

    7. classwife
      Congratulations to you today ! ECF Veteran !!
    8. skye
      Merry Christmas, Allen :)
    9. Seabrook
    10. skye
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
    11. AmandaMarie
      Hello friend:) love your masterpieces big and small! :D
    12. bamsbbq
      All your fine work has inspired me to purchase a tank from somewhere. I like your tanks because they don't seem to leak & look as good as if not better than the ones sold commercially sold. If I didn't have and handful of thumbs I would build them myself. Lol
    13. skye
      Thank you for the friend invite.
      It's an honor!
    14. salemgold
      Your inbox is full so here is my reply to your PM-

      I will be doing another between Thanksgiving and Christmas too :) I have sent 8 boxes since May and it has helped tons of people to get started vaping and off the cigs. I will see what I have and good luck to you!
    15. mikrosoft
      Hi mate Wow i didnt even see your design until someone posted your link love your work by the way did you keep the innards to your design as i just took it all out and started from scratch sadly it left a big usb hole in the top lol.
    16. mfraz25
      I got the package today! thank you thank you thank you!
    17. Nova Sphere
      Nova Sphere
      Thanks for befriending me! I think I got it!! ;-)
    18. Adrena
      Thanks for the invite....
    19. Grammie
      It's my Lil Chuck! One of my first mods (2 years old)!
    20. marcielynn
      Just wanna say I just love your work, keeps me inspired!!!!!
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    June 22
    The Original ModFather, USA


    The Early Bird Gets The Worm, But The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese
    Last TC 10.20.12​
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