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Aug 30, 2015
Jun 23, 2010
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Ultra Member, from US

ECF Veteran
Automaton was last seen:
Aug 30, 2015
    1. Seabrook
      Hi MistressNomad,
      I haven't seen you around for a while and just ran into an old post of yours during some of my late-night quiet time catching up. I noticed you were only two posts away from your PV Master title, so I thought I would leave you some flowers for when you get there. Hope all is well w/you.

    2. Bimbo
      Can I call you?
    3. SSV2
      hehee..only one year weirder than the last :rolleyes:

      Congrats! :thumb:
    4. vaporgalinfla
      Happy Birthday Cassie! :)
    5. SSV2
      Happy Birthday MistressNomad

      Have a Great Day!

      ~ SSV2
    6. Sly9377
      Sorry, wrong place, meant to PM
    7. salemgold
      Your Inbox is full :)
    8. Supersquint
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your videos gave me the information I needed and the confidence required to make the jump into vaping! 20 days with no ciggies so far!
    9. selenamstar
      You rock! Thank you so much for the videos! I used your rubber band trick for labeling. Goody make mini ones, med, and larger ones. The Little ones fit perfect around the carto & the med ones fit great around the 6ml bottles I have. So color w/ color! Yay! It was bugging me how I was gonna cart around all my filled cartos w/o a way to keep track other than little baggies.
    10. vandale
      ty vapor head for helping understand how to be a better vap head!!!
    11. Silent Soldier
      Silent Soldier
      Thank you for the very informative vids, however in the DIY juice vid you mentioned the nicotine base from, I took your advice on the 60ml bottle of 60mg strength but you made no mention of the pg/vg mix of the nic base. I went with the 50/50 ratio since I am new to vaping and was unsure. I havn't even got the EGO I ordered yet. But I was wondering what mix you use. I initially plan to mix my juice with a 50/50 mix all the way around so i know which way (if at all) I need to adjust the pg/vg mix to get the right mix of TH/nic/vape for me. Seems to me to be the most logical and cost effective method of finding the right mix, your thoughts?
    12. son et lumiere
    13. son et lumiere
      son et lumiere
      I like your avatar. You do have that stare to you.
    14. son et lumiere
      son et lumiere
      Hey Cass, Hope you are having a good weekend.

    15. socratische kennis
      socratische kennis
    16. Renro
      Thank you so much for creating and posting your videos. They are a great help and I hope that you continue your series. They answer so many questions and alleviate so much stress and confusion without making me feel like a dummy. Thank you and Vape on.
      Hey it's MisstressNomad :2cool: Just wanted to say I love...and appreciate, all your videos. It's like vaping for dummies, which is perfect for the nb like me :vapor:I was just headed over to watch your vid on filling 808 cartomizers. Never thought I'd do it, love the pre-filled, but hey you made it look easy and it's way cheaper :p Thanks again for all your hard work, it is very appreciated.
    18. Prodigal441
      I am new to this site but not to vaping. I still watched most of your videos. You did a great job. I personally love the 510. The standard battery doesn't last long as you stated. You may want to add the option of the ego and riva batteries for the 510. I can go almost 2 days on a riva 750mAh battery. Other than that, I will say again, you did a great job. Thanks for being a great resource for the newbie crowd and taking all the time to make all of the videos.
    19. Ickus
      Hey. I just finished watching most of your video and I have to say great job! Very helpful. Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything =D
    20. Raynen
      Just saying hi and thanks for the help throughout my PV journey :laugh: :D Have a great holiday season :D
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