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Aug 30, 2015
Jun 23, 2010
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Aug 30, 2015
    1. WaltTheWerewolf
      i appreciate you taking the time to make the newb videos, im kinda stuck on getting the KR808 to replace my 7-11 Njoy but im confused on what you said on the battery life of the 510s. Is that 2 hours worth of constant vaping as in puffing away for 2 hours straight, or does that mean once ya take it off the charger and assemble the PV does it loose a charge after 2 hours? if its the second part holy crap nasty batteries! but if it lasts longer than this stinkin njoy pro it might be a good choice for me aswell as the KR.

      sorry i went and wrote ya a book...
    2. Code
      Thank you MistressNomad your noob videos for broke people really helped me out!!! i just bought my first Joye 510 and DIY supplies to make my own Juice your like my freakin hero girl!!!!!!
    3. BsgD68
      Hi, I've been looking into cartomizers for my eGo when I ran into one of your posts that said something about LR cartomizers not being the best choice. I actually have some and am now reticent to try them. Any recommendations, including vendors? My go to PV is a big Chuck, I use the eGo for when I'm driving. Thanks for your help.

    4. jackiejunque
      Thanks for all your help! I was surprised to see you are a member of Michigan Vapers! I'm still spelunking my way around this forum.

      Your blog is great. I got stuck after reading making your juice the lazy way. What a time saver!
    5. Bootsand
      I just checked out your blog out of curiosity, and had to come post... You're a phenomenal writer, and your post on Oct 8th (What do you fight for?) really hit home. Great stuff!

      Happy Vaping!
    6. fugazig
      when i first started looking at e cigs online your youtube videos were the first thing i found and i'm thankful for that... i went straight for the upgrade. i appreciate your non-pretentious presentation. thanks a bunch
    7. shanagan
      Interesting info on Qhit, thanks.
    8. shanagan
      Just saw this on the FSUSA board (in re: someone who's larger bottle of "purecig" had no th -while the first two smaller bottles 'kicked like a mule') "aging will help with this one. the ingredients we use to create it we got the same day you ordered and they were 4 days out of the vats from flavourart so they definitely were not fully aged. oxygen helps tremendously. top off and breathing for 24 hours your throat hit will come right back. I do PureCig every day myself, phenomenal stuff"

      If you're still avoiding the Qhit, my gut tells me to avoid Pure Cig as well. Just a possible heads up if you've thought about ordering it.
    9. nofalls
      I enjoyed your vids and anyone that knows the old JT albums, and likes them, has to be a good soul!
    10. Azarath
      Random question. What mg nic do most of your juices contain? I'm trying an FSUSA Wyatt Earp sampler 24mg :3
    11. Dr.Sami
      I find u knowledgeable about the e cig and i red in one of ur post that there are some people who have been vaping for 7 years with no side effects, ( not sure 6 or 7 years) and i just love to know if its 1 vapor or more than one with no side effects about 6 or 7 years, that u referred to in that post ????
      thanks a lot for your time :)
    12. dannoman
      lol your mailbox is FULL...I couldn't respond to your PM...:O
    13. Azarath
      Ahhh I want my mist so bad. This Menthol sampler sucks.. I changed to a new cartridge and it was bad. Then I tried a 3rd, and that one was worked better but it's still ehh. I hope those juices from FSUSA will really get me to stop smoking them analogs :x
    14. Azarath
      zomg I love this KR808. Now to take up your suggestion on the Hypnotic Myst... Can't wait for my first e-juice to get here.
    15. Chrysler Bill
      Chrysler Bill
      Ended up with an eGo. Can't wait to get some strange looks on my way to class tomorrow!
    16. Bimbo
      Hi, I'm placing some orders on FSUSA. I just need your help. I want to order 5 different types of e-juice. Please help me out. I'm not in any particular about flavoring. Which you think is good for you then it would be good for me. thanks!

    17. Chrysler Bill
      Chrysler Bill
      I ordered a 510 kit last week, made me feel more confident about the purchase. Now if only it'd show up, haha!
    18. Chrysler Bill
      Chrysler Bill
      I just registered for the forum tonight and came across your videos in the beginners section. Phenomenal advice! Thanks!
    19. Jim K.
      Jim K.
      I just found your videos yesterday. Thank you so much for those, I'm fairly new to this and they helped. You've got me interested in mixing my own flavors now, just ordered some stuff to get started =D
    20. Katielynn
      Hello I just wanted to tell you, that I am so glad I found your video's ... my first purchase was a kr8 pcc and I had nooo idea what I was doing. I've seriously used your video's as go to guides and I'd be lost without them, you my dear have quite the story, thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor, it is appreciated and enjoyed ... happy vaping ;);)
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