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Nov 16, 2019 at 9:40 PM
Apr 8, 2012
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Feb 2, 1954 (Age: 65)
Ridgeway, Ohio
surgical physician assistant (retired)

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ECF Guru, Male, 65, from Ridgeway, Ohio

ECF Veteran
Baditude was last seen:
Nov 16, 2019 at 9:40 PM
    1. nikcox
      Ok... So I'm using a Boge SR carto in an OCD tank from ibtanked on my MVP 2.0. The resistance keeps changing anywhere from 4.4-7.0??? Should I toss it and start with a new one? What would cause it to do that?
    2. r77r7r
      Congrats on your vaping anniversary.
    3. chimsweep
      Hi Bad, just wanted to send you a personal note of's been 1 year since I stated my vape journey. You were one of the members here that gave your time and advice when I was starting and for that I owe you my thanks. I haven't been on here as often as the start, new hobbies and family life have taken a lot of my time lately. I hope things are well with you and yours. chim.
    4. Zee2006
      Hey Bad,
      Just wanted to say hi and it was great meetin you, me and my daughter were in Altsmoke couple of weeks back, we were talking to you and another guy bout World of Warcraft :)
    5. pyro213
      I have a vtr. And the battery I was sold with it is the panny ncr18650b. I'm only using carto with 1.5 to 2.0 ohms. Using my ohm law calculator I'm getting a max amp rating even at 15 watts of 4.33. Am I safe with this? Please help. I dint want to vape a pipe bomb. But if I'm not over working the battery I want to keep the high mah
    6. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Merry merry merry Christmas!

    7. Vwls
    8. Ryedan
      Merry Christmas Bad and all the best for 2014!

    9. Ramjet
    10. StormFinch
    11. Zealous
      I'm just starting to explore carto tanks so I've been reading the info you have about setting them up religiously. It's been super helpful & gives me a little peach of mind that I know what I need to do to get mine performing well when it gets here.
    12. Zealous
      Hi Bad,

      I just want to say that in all the time I've been on this forum you have been nothing but helpful in every post I've seen from you. Thanks for that. It's hard to sort out who knows what they're talking about from who doesn't. :)
    13. Charlie C
      Charlie C
      HI there,

      Thought perhaps I would drop by and say hello.
      Appreciate you leaving a comment on my website. I spend so much time on it; never seems to end but I enjoy doing it.

      I simply wanted to say thank you for all your posts and what you contribute here at ECF.
      You're a good Man bad and since you're a fellow Provari owner, that's a plus too!

      Take care and I hope life in general is treating you well.
    14. IMRs
      I should've mentioned that I did get one a couple of months ago and at first I couldn't take it out of the house because of the battery issue. Well, I was still doing DC tanks and you know how they eat batts. I just got into Kangers recently and I think they go hand in hand with the Robust. I'm usually at 3.2 volts or even less sometimes. I don't leave home without it. I do carry 4 batts with me for backups (obviously), but I only use up one battery while at work (give or take a couple of hours) but I don't usually chain vape at work much. I have to have something small especially for work or else it just gets in the way. This thing fits in my pocket nicely. I may even get another, but I would want a Stainless and can't find one as cheap as I got this one. Anyhow, I think they're a little under rated, now that I found a head that works good with them.
      Oh! And yes, I've seen a lot of reviews on them, including the Grimm Green and Phil Busardo reviews.
    15. IMRs
      Hi Baditude. I was just reading through an older, closed thread on the L-Rider Robust. Just wondering if there is any other threads on it that are still open that you might know of. I couldn't seem to find anything. Anyhow, If not, I was thinking about opening a new thread on it. I noticed one of your posts on there and thought I'd ask you.
      By the way, did you ever get around to buying one? Thanks, have a good day!
    16. The Ocelot
      The Ocelot
      Hey you! Your PM box in full and I can't send you a message. It's something you might want to know.
    17. Wageslave
      hey baditude I'm a complete noob when it comes to box mods and dripping, how often do you have to change the atomizers and what keeps them from getting clogged up after a bottle or 2 of juice on the vmod?
    18. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Hmmmm... bummer. I'll probably buy something and give it a test. Curiosity and all that. ;-)

      Thanks for the speedy come-back,
    19. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Hey chief,

      You ever seen anyone fit a clear, "CE2 type" 510 carto into a carto tank... drilling holes into the plastic for fluid transfer? I've been thinkin' about it... and everything I've found so far is larger than the standard 9mm - 9.5mm being the smallest. Of course, there might be room with a thinner o-ring. I'm going to keep looking into it. I've seen the Smok CE2 SS cartos... I just have a a fascination to have a clear carto in a clear tank.

    20. mbutton
      Very true. Thanks for the advice.

      - Mark
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    Feb 2, 1954 (Age: 65)
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    surgical physician assistant (retired)
    Single male, two college age children, >30 yr 1 ppd former smoker, tobacco-free since 4/2012.

    music, photography, spectator sports
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