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Jan 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2011
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Fayetteville, GA

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Ultra Member, from Fayetteville, GA

ECF Veteran
Balthezar was last seen:
Jan 16, 2015
    1. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    2. hairball
    3. dragonbone
    4. *christy*
      HEY !!!! sorry i have been awol.... got a new job and have been extremely busy .. i went to the ATL Vapers and registered just waiting on my confirmation email so i can post :) how have you been i see i missed the dang get together :(
    5. GERGOZ
      hey B

      as far as i know, everything is still "good to go"

      all i need is your address (or meet up location) and a time
      i have a gps for directions

      gimme a holler
    6. Balthezar
      It's getting better, when they did the surgery they put in a temp implant and her body rejected it, bad time then, and then this with the chemo. It's not been easy, but she still seems to keep up her good spirits, and I think that's at least half the battle.

      As soon as we decide on a date for the next meet, I'll let you know, it would be great if you can make it, but I understand if you can't, it is a long way. Vape Team came out from California, to do a live show, and 1 guy came all the way from Arizona. All in all I think it was worth it. Did you see the Vape Team video on utube? That was pretty cool. They were there broadcasting live and then did a regular show the next Wednesday (Feb 22). You can catch a rerun of it if you wish, but it's kind of long and boring, till they actually get to the meet. LOL

      Well, guess I'll talk to ya later, my Friend
    7. hairball
      I hope all works out well for her. My Mom went through it also. It's been a little over a year now and just last week finally got the infection out of where they cut out the tumor. I told her to keep on the doctors but unfortunately, in MD, getting in to see a good doctor takes a few weeks...weeks she doesn't need to be waiting with an infection. Finally got it cleared up.

      I'll keep a watch and see if I can eventually make one next year. My vacation is about burned up for the year. I'll have off about 3 weeks around Christmas so if you have another one, and I'm visiting my folks, I'll try my best to go. Still a long ways off but you never know.

      Take care and keep in touch.
    8. hairball
      I hope all is well with your Mom.

      Sure looks like you had a blast from the pics. Wish I could have for me...just too far to drive it...unless I was heading home for a visit then I could swing by. Darn, will have to wait and see when you all will be having it again.
    9. shechefj
      Ohhh, great pics and great fun! Hate I missed it...........will definately make the next one :vapor:
    10. MikenGA
      Hey bakatcha,

      Yep, all is well on this end, but I’ve ‘disappeared’ cuz folks have been kidnapping me to celebrate my 60th Bday in various ways…plus, in my SPARE TIME, I’m still working with my handyman to complete a new bathroom installation, and trying to get my new website redesign up and running. I’m playing ‘catch-up’, but I’m still around, and will reappear soon as I’m able.

      I saw the new site, and think it will serve us well!

      Thanks again for that tasty BOSTON CREME PIE juice! I'm likin' it! ;)

      Thanks for checking! ;)
    11. shechefj
      Even though I was on a cruise, I could not help but think about the meet that I was missing out on the 18th. I know ya'll had a blast.............maybe I'll be able to attend the next one!!
    12. s3anvap3s
      Awesome to finally meet you last night. That Boston Cream Pie you make is the jam! Looking forward to the next meet!
    13. hairball
    14. cavibird2005
    15. Karen171
      HAPPY NEW YEAR, Balthezar!
      Hope 2012 is a great year for you.
    16. rabernet
      Merry Christmas to you as well!
    17. mariposa224
      Merry Christmas to you too! :)
    18. sandybeach
      Hey Balth, it's been awhile. Merry Christmas!!! I actually won a Hanukah Contest from Freedom Smokes!!! A 60 ml bottle of juice!!!! Got Cookie Dough. How are you???
    19. carpedebass
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
    20. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Thank You and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New ear to you also :D
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