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Sep 10, 2012
Jul 17, 2009
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Ultra Member, from In your bushes, watching you undress

ECF Veteran
Bandit was last seen:
Sep 10, 2012
    1. gman
      is the v2 still available?
    2. Lightgeoduck
      Its been awhile...but you have been spotted
      right click image if you can't see it
    3. truelove
      Give it a try, all the cool kids are doing it :plol.
    4. truelove
      Oy B, you got skype?
    5. The Drizzle
      The Drizzle
      Well, apparently he doesn't know that there's no such thing as bad press. I mean, I went and looked up the cameo, even though I think it's a silly idea. That's the idea behind these forums. Good or bad reviews, I want to know what they're talking about...
    6. The Drizzle
      The Drizzle
      Can we talk about the BB pics? Great lighting, the polished black granite gave a beautiful little sparkle without being distracting, carbon fiber with a reflection blows my mind. If you're really an out of the camera guy, I'm seriously impressed. Great job man. I can't wait to read your review of the BB...
      Oh, and I caught the which mod vid you did. I laughed my ... off! I can't believe that the cameo is a real thing. A mp3 player and a 8 gigs of memory? Come on...
      Sorry that they pulled it, though it did get kinda catty with you know who. Some people have no sense of humor ;-)
    7. smc
      Were did the video go? Did they removed it? I thought it was hilarious.
    8. rob87
      have you tried the 702 or the revolver? what do think of those?
    9. rob87
      read your reviews on the comparison between the sidesho and the blu.
      sidesho sounds great but i wanted a smaller pv. If i buy the volcano kit(same as the blu) and pick up the attys from modern vapor that would give me a smaller unit with great vapor right? appreciate any help..
    10. MightoftheWest
      now the usb adapter that comes with the Blu is that 1 amh like the one recommended by Kent?
    11. plantlvr
      Hey Bandit. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your unique humor! The baby seal post about the vendor made me laugh out loud, but I would still defend those sweet seal to the death if I was there when one was being clubbed.
      What can I say, I'm a double gemini so I have four personalitys?
      Keep it up, need more humor on this site!
    12. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Hey how's it going?
    13. BlondieLocs
      I know. But don't tell anyone. It's a closely guarded secret. ;) God only knows what would happen if word got out...
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