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Jan 12, 2013
Dec 7, 2009
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Super Member, from Valley of the Sunstroke

ECF Veteran
beecee was last seen:
Jan 12, 2013
    1. crashtestjeep
      I think I like this avatar pic the best. :) Shows ur personality in ur eyes....or something(?)
    2. crashtestjeep
      yeah, it WILL get easier and I will get used to it, but it seems like just after I think Ive passed all the rt tests, a co that wants me to sell for them has just "one more" test, and then another n another :D but soon Ill get thru it all and Im JUST now starting to sell on a regular basis so things arelooking up....My friend thats worked for the co has been there 9 yrs so I KNOW its worth all the ... kickin to get there where ya been lately? NOLA? Vegas? How did that date go? ;) Hit me up sometime!!!
    3. crashtestjeep
      just workin my BUTT OFF about 12-16 hrs a day ;) Im worn the heck out but it will get easier...I hope ;) Whatchu been doin besides partying all over the wc? :D Miss our talks!
    4. scottjamez
      I saw your poston the tastey vapor trade forum. would you want to trade your strawberry cheesecake for some tasty finger? 24 mg 35% vg. Let me know
    5. crashtestjeep
      Thats AWESOME! Glad it was a good time....the Prides here suck so we usually go to bigger places lol....Hopefully Chicago this year-we'll see....New job is alot of hours but I like it alot...time consuming for sure but worth it bc its actually kinda fun off to catch up on sat thread ;)
    6. crashtestjeep
      It was awesome! Got to see some old friends and get a tan! Didnt get to go fishing tho...:( NEXT time! :D
    7. crashtestjeep
      SoooOoooooo HOW WAS THE TRIP? :)
    8. crashtestjeep
      Have fun in NOLA!!! Ill be beach bound in two days myself! ;)
    9. crashtestjeep
      OUCH! that last one got me in my eye! :lol: **poke-poke** **smack** **PoooOOoof-PooOoOf** (((hug))):D
    10. crashtestjeep
      If you werent ALL the way across the country I would! ;) But Ill have a few for ya n wish you were there...will that work? :D
    11. crashtestjeep
      **PoOf**PooOOoOoOoof**PoOf** oh. HI THERE! :D
    12. AngusATAT
      Argh, ya got me. :p
    13. crashtestjeep
      just drivin by.............CHUCK CHECK! :D
    14. crashtestjeep
      HA! I just woke back up actually! I know, lame nite but its 230am and go figure...NOW Im up :lol:
    15. notsoogood
      Hey the new avatar!! You are very pretty!!
    16. crashtestjeep
      and hey, PM me ur FB info, I didnt type it rt or didnt remember good enuff n tried to find ya....or just find me if you want if u remember my info ;)
    17. crashtestjeep
      Did you get ur Chuck yet? :D
    18. redgirl
      Hey Senior Voice Engineer! I'm an outside plant phone tech. Fun, fun!
    19. LisaLisa
      :DLOL! I"m glad you are entertained!!!
    20. crashtestjeep
      Those are always the best trips huh...(the ones where u dont wanna leave :))
      Ill DEF have to chaeck that photo slide out! Glad you drank enuff to lose stuff but not so much you didnt make it thru ;) That one drink that tasted better than the rest, well...that was the one you drank for me..:lol:
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    Valley of the Sunstroke


    Most of the time I feel like a zombie, and not one of the awesome dawn of the dead ones either... More like a night of the living dead one... All slow and retarded
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