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Bella Chic
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Mar 16, 2016
Dec 4, 2009
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May 10, 1980 (Age: 42)
Southeast Texas

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Bella Chic

Vaping Master, Female, 42, from Southeast Texas

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Bella Chic was last seen:
Mar 16, 2016
    1. classwife
    2. classwife

      Happy Birthday !
    3. White_rabbitt
      Hey Bella! Paying u a visit friend! :) Thanks for fixing my problem! Lol See ya around!
    4. Bella Chic
      Bella Chic
      Oh why thank you kind sir.
    5. Cool_Breeze
      Here's your introductory visitor's message. : )
    6. Beans
      I want to donate but I'm a bone head. Please advise how to use this darn pay pal system.
    7. Cool_Breeze
      Hook 'em! - UT grad here.
    8. dkonrai
      check your pms.
      thank you
      dino konrai
    9. AlmightyGod
      Thanks for adding me!

      Nice to find a pretty, small town girl on ECF!

      Keep on vapin' Babe!
    10. danlisi
      hi Bella Luce this is dan lisi ill send out your package tomorrow thank you :)
    11. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Happy B'Day Bella! I hope it's wonderful. MK
    12. Grammie
      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a super b'day!

      LOL, my daughter's birthday is today as well, she's 32 today!
    13. nyx
      knew i couldn't be the only vaper in seTx, now i have proof ;b rock on.
    14. USinchains
      The exposed bridge also makes it possible to dip, which is even less likely to cause flooding and seems to saturate the wick better and make for a better vape, plus you get to carry your liquid around in a cool little contact lens case. :)
    15. USinchains
      For now, I'm just using the stock mouthpiece, there's a small cartridge inside that can be pulled out and the mouthpiece is just a hollow cylinder. It's plastic, so the hole on the tip can be widened for easy dripping, but I'm just taking the cap off everytime I drip. I've been fooling with ideas of adding a 510 collar to the atty so the T-tip can be added. Since the mouth piece slips over the main body of the atty, it lacks a collar that the T-tips are all meant to slip into, David would have to machine one that slips around the outside of the atty. The only drawback of a "401 T-tip" is that it cancels out the main advantage the 401 has for dripping, a completely exposed bridge that allows you to set the dropper directly on it rather than dripping liquid down a collar, this makes flooding less probable since you have more control and can see when the wick is saturated.
    16. USinchains
      Hi, saw your questions and didn't want to poop in Innovapor's sub forum.

      Altsmoke has 510 to 401 adapters. I use one on a PV2 and BSB. The m401 is more pleasant than a 510, but I go to the 510 for bigger vapor clouds. Throat hit is about the same, it doesn't have a weird atty taste like a 510 so flavor is arguably better.

      If you plan on dripping, the Intellicig Black Evo attys are better than the Innovapor M4 (same m401 model built by someone else). The Innovapor M4 is slightly larger so it leaks and floods more easily, I've yet to flood an Evo atty. The M4 also seems to have a weird taste to it like a 510, which IMO changes the flavor for the worse unlike the Evo atty.

      Cheers -J
    17. jingleballs
      too hot!!!!!!!!
    18. Bella Chic
      Bella Chic
      Thanks Val :) I'm glad ya'll are enjoying them. I really enjoy making them and making them the best they can be. Those are soy candles and when the wax is melted you can actually drizzle it on your body and rub it won't burn you at all but boy does it feel great on the skin and really moisturizes you. Soy burns a lot cooler than parifin and thats why it won't burn you when drizzled on the skin. So if you have some dry skin give it a try, I know you will like it, plus you'll smell yummy too :)
    19. MrsIken
      hi bella... isaac and i got the package the other day of the candles :) they smelled great! he burned the chocolate dipped strawberries all night long while filling orders and stuff and when i woke up the next morning the whole room smelled of it, it was great. you do a great job making them!! ~Val
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  • About

    May 10, 1980 (Age: 42)
    Southeast Texas


    Provari Mini v2.5 * P3 Stealth * P3 Ti *
    Vaping since 12/11/09 *Bella Sophia*​
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