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May 9, 2014
Jul 2, 2010
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September 18
San Diego, CA USA

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Ultra Member, from San Diego, CA USA

Verified Member ECF Veteran
BiffRocko was last seen:
May 9, 2014
    1. dragonbone
    2. wv2win
      Thank you for the "likes". It's much appreciated.
    3. mg7454
      Hi Ya BiffRocko!
      I just got finished reading your blogs.
      They were terrific, and very helpful to me!
      I have subscribed just in case you write any more (hope so).
      Happy Vaping!
    4. Raynen
      You should watch Live Aus Berlin (if you haven't). My favorite performance is Du Riescht Su Gut (I think you'll see why :lol: ).

      I'm bored at home right now, re cooperating from a Power Yoga class. I wasn't ready for it, so now I know where I stand with yoga and what classes I can take. :D
    5. Raynen
      I get bored of my avatars quickly :lol: I had a picture of me, but I took it down to replace it with Till from Rammstein ;) Something about him lighting himself on fire... OH MY I love it! How are you? ^_^;
    6. Raynen
      Just popping in to say Hallo, hallo! :D :vapor:
    7. AlmightyGod
      Happy Birthday to us Biff!
      I had no idea!
      Kinda cool!
    8. ethnobot
      Hey Biff - yeah that's me playin' my Washburn axe. My best mate snapped it 'cause he thought it was funny me dressed in black, playing a black guitar and "smoking" something black. You can barely see it in the avatar sized version of the picture but I'm actually vaping simultaneously. I've got my slim 510 auto stuck between my lips. I picked it up due to impatience while waiting for my eGo to be delivered and because the atties & carts would be compatible with it but I decided to still keep the little batteries & charger handy 'cause they're small, discreet and above all:
      they're light enough that you can hold 'em in your mouth and still vape when you've got your hands full :headbang: :D
    9. ethnobot
      Sent you the request because your advice to others reads as sound and we are the two guys who randomly have guitars on our avatars!

      Peace, ethnobot
    10. emb
      Hello BiffRocko - Thanks for the welcome note. Seems like we are gathering a San Diegan crowd, well maybe a few but it's nice to know there are local people on ECF. Best wishes.
    11. Seabrook
      Hi BiffRocko, fellow San Diegan! Welcome to ECF and welcome to the Southern Cali Vapors Group. I live in Oceanside.
    12. ImYourSalt
      saw you were in SD, and wanted to say hi!
    13. deannaAlex
      Hi, I wanted to thank you for all your help.
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  • About

    September 18
    San Diego, CA USA


    Current setup: Zmax v3 - Cisco 306 - RW Vapors RY5 18mg @ 9-11w
    Pinch hitters: Kicked Legacy, Darwin, Icon 1.1, Reo Grand, Reo Mini, Chuck, 3.7v Box Mod, Saber Touch
    Gone but not forgotten: E9, KR808D-1 PT, eGo/Riva, Tekk mod, Buzz, eVic
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