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Bill Godshall
Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2020
Apr 2, 2009
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Oct 20, 1957 (Age: 64)

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Bill Godshall

Executive Director<br/> Smokefree Pennsylvania, 64

ECF Veteran
Bill Godshall was last seen:
Mar 9, 2020
    1. classwife
    2. Anjaffm
      you rock! Thank you for all you do! A great big hug and Thank you coming your way from across the big pond! :)
    3. classwife

      Happy Birthday !
    4. ciarlone
      Dear Bill, Thank you for all that YOU & CASAA do for us Vapers.. I will re-post any Legislation updates to make sure everyone can see them.. Thank you for all your hard work and more!:thumb:
    5. Ardo
      Happy birthday to you and all the best!
      Thank you for the excellent work that you've done over the years.
    6. avonjon
      do you have a facebook page?
    7. Bluesman

      Lifetime resident of Pennsylvania and long time (40+ years) cigarette smoker. With e-smoking I have been cigarette-free for over a year. I will add to that, I never want to smoke a cigarette again.

      I am so glad to see your support on this forum. I thank you for and wish you well in your work.
    8. Huntsvappin

      As I am sure you are aware by now Alabama has proposed two Bill SB197 and SB198 Clear Air Act 2012, and in both of these Electronic Cigarettes are defined and banned as smoking.

      This is my first time dealing in these matters and I could use any help, guidance or advice you could spare. I have already contacted CASAA and they are working on a Call to Action Plan. We still need brilliant letter writers and Advocates like yourself to help us charge into this matter with intelligence and vigor. I humbly ask for your guidance and support as we move forward to defeat yet another ridiculous classification of electronic cigarettes.

      Thank You
      Kurt "Huntsvappin"
    9. Arcticchill360
      I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help!!
    10. sqirl1
      just wanna say I'm glad you're a friend to us, Bill. There are some people that don't like you but I think you're an indispensable ally. thanks for all the help!
    11. Zapp and Roger
      Zapp and Roger
      Don't let that thread get at you Bill, you do great work just some are lumping their frustrations at all anti-smoking groups in with you, therefore you must act the same, strive for the same goals which isn't true. Keep it up here and in places most of us working folk can't participate so easily.
    12. boxhead
      i still cant figure out what i missed, that Sun would delete your posts...i asked and it seem i got deleted too...having read it everyday, i was not able to see what happened with this.
      you should be able to have your side, and having to look all over for this stuff is going to be a pain...
      maybe this should have been a PM, but you have done good work, and i wanted to thank you.
    13. Cancer
      Mr. Godshall thank you for joining our forum! I appreciate that someone in your capacity is capable of common sense in supporting our cause in quitting smoking with e-cigarettes. I myself am astounded at the backlash against them by the American Heart and Lung associations and most other SmokeFree state groups. I think besides certain scientists and informally Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, you are the most visible supporter in the U.S . Please keep your voice heard! Hey maybe get Judge Shamus and his brother on board, they soon may be running P.A.
    14. sherid
      As a representative of SmokeFree, what is your reaction to SmokeFree Wisconsin and their blasting of electronic cigarettes. They attribute the sales of e cigarettes to BT. Do you condone this?
    15. Caesarea
      Looks like he's offline at the moment.
    16. Caesarea
      Hope Smokey Joe can give you full user privileges. I have sent him a personal message.
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    Oct 20, 1957 (Age: 64)
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