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Apr 27, 2015
Mar 9, 2011
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Dec 1, 1944 (Age: 75)
oklahoma city

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Resting In Peace, 75, from oklahoma city

ECF Veteran
BILLB OKC was last seen:
Apr 27, 2015
    1. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      You can also get me via jeffnehring94@
    2. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Hey Bill, do you still have any echomisers?
    3. classwife
      Happy Birthday !
    4. cleolove
      HEY Bill, you crazy cat man :p How've you been. Just started vaping again a couple months ago ... Still have my purple Igos! Just saying hiya!

      Hope all is well in Bill-Land.

      :) cleo
    5. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Thanks for the recognizes. They are great. I am sure I will get some more. Thanks again.

    6. Caridwen
      Happy Birthday Bill! Miss you on the forum!
    7. cookiebun
      Hi Bill.
      Are you o.k?
      I can't find any recent posts from you.
    8. sweetniko
      Hi...Hope you feel better.
      If you come back could you let me know? I'd like to purchase from your store.
      Thanks, Elizabeth
    9. div
      Hi Bill,
      Sorry to hear you will be gone for a while, maybe summer you'll be back? Hope you get better and see you soon on the boards.
    10. cookiebun
      Sorry to see you are having health issues. I hope you are better soon.
      It's been great doing business with you.
      Take care,
    11. Trisha42
      Bill, I meant to ask you for your web url.
    12. Trisha42
      Hey Bill,
      I need about 8-10 ICO carto's. I know 4 came with the kit, so figure thay are sold in packs of 4, right? Let me know the cost and I'll pay thru PayPal.
    13. Trisha42
      Hi Bill,
      I have tried twice to order the IGO auto 650 kit, but never hear back. I know I'm doing something wrong. Please help me out.
      Thanks - Patrisha
    14. Willcodh
      hiyas bill jeff again interested in getting a second igo kit love the first one. same thing crome, 1100, kr808 threads let me know how much and when i can order it.
    15. JaspersJoy
      Hi Bill,
      I am pretty sure I want to oder this kit 650 mah chrome echo (auto) $47.00
      ALL KITS INCLUDE 5 CARTOMIZERS, WALL ADAPTER/USB charger, 801 drip tip .
      Are the cartomizers with this kit also chrome? Do I pay with PayPal?
      Thank you:)
    16. photogame
      Ok, I am sold. Now to just figure out which size Igo? I have been a kr808 v4l person for a month and half, tired of the battery charging and the rest. Drop me a email and lets figure this out tomorrow.

      take care,
    17. Longhorn RN
      Longhorn RN
      Thanks again, Bill for the time and advice! I can't wait for the mail to arrive tomorrow!
    18. JohnReagan
      Bill thank you for being the best vendor I've had the pleasure of dealing with. You've helped me with just about every single question and issue I've had ... issues created by my own ignorance! Yet still you've gone above and beyond and kept a close personal relationship with your customers. Rock on Bill!
    19. GayleMarie
      Thanks Bill, I really appreciate your quick shipping! Love you, love my IGO more! LOL Your customer service is excellent!
    20. txtumbleweed
      I'm sorry you took the attitude you did when I only asked a simple question about who makes the iGo. I don't understand it at all. It is normally different dealing with new or small suppliers they usually are more considerate of their customers than the larger suppliers but I guess that isn't always the case. If you didn't want to publicly disclose who makes the iGo all you had to do was answer my PM or if you didn't get it PM me the answer. I have sent several people your way and bought several items from you but that will not happen any longer.:(
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    Dec 1, 1944 (Age: 75)
    oklahoma city


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