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Bill's Magic Vapor
Last Activity:
Oct 17, 2018
Feb 8, 2013
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Bill's Magic Vapor

Vaping Master, from USA

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Bill's Magic Vapor was last seen:
Oct 17, 2018
    1. Shah Danial
      Shah Danial
      I am big fans of Grape taste. I have mixing PG, VG, nicotine and Grape flavor. It seems like the taste got something wrong even has been steeped about 3 weeks.

      Can you help me what is I need to do to get the best Grape taste? What I am missing here?

      I already searching using Google but the result is many for creamy Grape. I just want to get fruity and sweet Grape taste. Mind to share with me?

      Thanks Bill!
    2. Anyhony
      Hey bill... Someone I met on here recommended I come to you for any advice I need on makeing my own juice. Is there a starter kit I can buy to get me started?
      1. Bill's Magic Vapor
        Bill's Magic Vapor
        No real starter kit, per se. I use TFA flavorings for the most part and post on the TFA thread here on ECF. You can check out my blogs on DIY'ing to get some ideas, and participate in the TFA thread. Some very great people sharing their experiences there for you and other new mixologists. Come join us there!
        Sep 22, 2015
        Aosr likes this.
    3. Rip Rap
      Rip Rap
      Hi Bill, I recently tried to open your recipe on Dropbox, but can't open the type of file you created it in. Is there another file type you have it in, or can you explain to me how i go about opening what type of file opener do i need? Running windows 8 if that helps.
    4. Renzuli
      Hey Bill , Steve/Renzuli here . Long time no see , hear , or otherwise . Yes still alive but almost done with vaping , so haven't been on in months . Hope your doing good .
    5. dowawhiley
      Hi Bill,
      I haven't been on in months due to some issues of a personal nature. But the last time I was on you where one of the people that where quick to help with links and recommendations to get me started. I have enjoyed vaping based on those tips and have saved money in the process. Now its Time to pay it forward with a little more help if possible. We (my fiance' and I) have decided to open a vape shop in a busy tourist town near us. we would be the only B&M shop in 50 mile radius. We would like to set it as both a store and educational experience for the uninitiated. I was wondering if you or anyone you know on ECF could help educate us on the ins and outs of retail vapes. Thank for any input. VAPE ON!!!
    6. wv2win
      Thanks for the "like" Bill. It's much appreciated.
    7. Katya
      Merry Christmas, Bill!

      1. Bill's Magic Vapor likes this.
    8. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Have a great Christmas Bill...

      1. Bill's Magic Vapor likes this.
    9. Ryedan
      Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year Bill.

      1. Bill's Magic Vapor likes this.
    10. wowoboi
      Hi bill, can you assist me in some problems? I fixed my microcoils onto the trident clone. It's flushed but firstly I've got a flickering smoke out of the coils. After which it went unavail, no glow, checked, still nothing happen. Switched back to igo still works 18490 aw imr, private v2 clone centre pin adjusted to fit the gapping, 28ga,2mm,12loops. Help is appreciated!!
    11. Rickajho
      I have to be careful picking on someone's Prothingy lust. The Minions will get me if I'm not careful. There's one guy there already taking things waaayy too seriously. And I know you know better. At least about taking things too seriously. Not sure about the Provari. lol
    12. Kellycat
      Thanks Bill, and hello to you as well :) I try to share whatever knowledge I've got, nothing more. Background in electronics and chemistry helps a bit.
    13. whitehawk
      Well I was looking at the kanger evod or the protank 2. As for battery not sure I smoke about 8 marb ultea lights a day. Sorrt on pain meds for my hand so typing sucks.
    14. The Ocelot
      The Ocelot
      I am a very happy ocelot these days! I never could have imagined I'd go a year without a cigarette in my mouth.
    15. InTheShade
      Me too Bill, I thought I added you as a friend a long time ago. Only after your 'metamorphosis' into Bills Magic Vapor did I check your profile to make sure it was the bill I know and love. It is and you are - Yay
    16. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Gotcha... I'll never tell. :blink: I can't spell annoniutee.
    17. State O' Flux
      State O' Flux
      Bill's Magic Vapor???? Woo hoo. :2cool:
    18. Lombaowski
      Really? You're like the gold standard at ECF, I can only hope to achieve your wisdom and stellar beard. May take years, but I'm willing to put in the work.
    19. minigoat
      Small world indeed, even smaller in that I will be in Las Vegas for "our" birthday. Never been there for fun, she hasn't been at all.
      I really appreciate the level of detail you go into when explaining things to people BTW, you have a knack for it.
    20. jram909
      Thanks! I saw your comment on a thread. I think it was "why would I want a tank". I'm sure I'll need some advise in the future since I'm new at this stuff.
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