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Jan 4, 2014
Aug 29, 2008
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Senior Member, from australia

ECF Veteran
billyboy689 was last seen:
Jan 4, 2014
    1. billyboy689


    2. P1NkY
      Dude. That 510 V8 shotty mod is absolutely amazing. Utterly freakin' fantastic.
      Thank you for sharing it with us and giving me something to daydream about!
    3. billyboy689
    4. Budjiman1
      Hey there billyboy. What are the chances of buying one of your portable double barrel mods? Are there any to be had?
    5. chicagorod
      Billy I am really interested in one of your mods..
      Please email back on what you have available and how much.
      I live in Chicago IL. USA
    6. Vapor_Happy
      hi billyboy, i am interested in buying your shotgun double barrel e cig. I am coming directly to you because I can't find anywhere online to buy them. I would love to purchase one and I am hoping you can get back to me soon. I have seen a great review of this by igetcha. I would like to buy at least one if you have a 901 version that would be great but if not an 801 double version would be just fine. I would need the shotgun, 2 atty's, batteries, and charger. Thank you i'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
    7. billyboy689
    8. billyboy689
      smaller 6v only shotgun "sawn off" 2 x 3.0v cr123 type batts
    9. Father Luke
      Father Luke

      - -
      Father Luke
    10. billyboy689
    11. billyboy689
      how much for one of your tube mods please hit me back up i have a janty stick but i want another mod
      do u have to do 2 801 atts at the same time or can u use just 1 im very interested in a usb one since all the ones i buy from puresmoker screw up a week later please let me have your paypal name so i can order one from u
    14. igetcha
    15. cosican
      Hey BB689, it has been a bit since my last note and I wanted to say hey. After a few long weeks w/ the dual mod, it has been my overall go to and favorite of all my units. ALL OF THEM and thats saying a lot, I own everything, I seem to only use mods these days an ocassional normal ecig but it is rare,
      Has anyone ordered anything?? I hope soemthing has come of it
      Have you been able to build anything new and different?? anything You have to sell, that might be able to keep up w/ the dual mod?> I have been able to use the dual w/ my mobile battery, does not last that long, but I figured it out enough to get the time I need
      I do just love it, keep me in mind for whatever comes out of your shop
    16. tdn90
      Where did you get the parts for the mod!?! I love it! reminds me of the GG, and Im dying to try it myself!

      Do you know the suppliers? and/or part #s?


      Keep it up
    17. cosican
      hey listed a review under A HOOT AND A GIGGLE a review at 5:50 pm EST,
      I had some fun with it and hope it gets us the response we want
      Thanks so much for the honor to test and review, now I want it for myself and tell me HOW MUCH I OWE YOU and what else can I buy?? something a bit more mobile and kick ..., if you don't have it, please build it
      just let me know
    18. cosican
      BB hey Momday 1pm EST received this totally insane machine of yours/ours/mine
      Pluged it into my Kensington Mobile battery pack and it has plenty of push along w/ into my laptop, again plenty of power. Frankly, I do not know how much more power, I can or it can take. Needless to say, this is a perfect device for the over the top, completly lost their minds, people like us, that want and seek more more more, Thats me, for sure. I plan on spending some time w/ it, atleast til tonight, or the am, Give you as much feedback as I can, At first, my only issue and I will overcome very easily, is the lining up of the 2 801 atz, so they are in perfect alignment, one appears to screw down slightly more than another, Again, it aint, no big thing, at all, First words, I love it , love it to death and I NEVER EVER liked my 801's much, Until now
      talk in a few hours
    19. walterdsouzajr
      how much do you want for this? i want both atomizers to be connected to one mouthpiece. its no clear in the pics.
    20. cosican
      BB morning and good day, Curious, as I prepare for the dual usb, mod, should I need to consider a different way to power it, Will a kensington mobile device be strong enough or should I consider a wall usb adaptor besides my laptop?? Also, the other mods you have built, which I would love to know what else you have to sell, what type bats are you using? I have bought the standard cr123' and the ultrafire
      1000 mAh and I have others, but I would like to know more of your products
      I expect to get the Dual within the next few days

      very excited
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