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Jul 9, 2020
Mar 18, 2009
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Central Ohio

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Super Member, from Central Ohio

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bitey was last seen:
Jul 9, 2020
    1. Delilah718
    2. HolaAmigos
      You are so sweet and I hope to see you more often :)
      Very Nice Meeing YOU!!!
    3. HolaAmigos
      Hola Amiga, Thank you for the like, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I just got home a few minutes.

      Thanks again, Hola :)
    4. Rhapsodies Fire
      Rhapsodies Fire
      Thank you! I am honored to be considered you friend :wub:
    5. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      HI HI, it just took me awhile to figure it all out. =D I've been stuck in still getting used to the new city mode mostly so I haven't been on ecf as much as usual. =) Once the shock of my Vet Day wears off I'll post about the new place a bit. =D Thank you!
    6. malyden
    7. unsure
    8. debb
      bitey! how are you?:)....i am arm has healed nicely...about 70% usage...pain is minimal...some days it bothers me tho...hope all is well with you...hope to see you in the reo thread...:)
    9. debb
      i can relate to dropping things...everything i touch i drop...:)
    10. debb
      yep..lots of snow...more is ok...never be the same...still hurting and minimal use...
    11. debb
      hi! how ya been?:)
    12. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      ok, part three and that's it, I swear. =D Rob is working like a madman, I think, and I hope he doesn't overdo it, but he says he's not happy unless he's working so... what can one do but try to let the thread people know what's going on so he's not overwhelmed with PMs. =) I think that's all the big news!

      Hope to see more of you soon, you are missed. =) Have a great New Year! *hugs*
    13. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      In other news, he's going to be making wood REOs again in the new year, and wood minis too! Brad would love a wood mini so it should be fun. =) We're all doing well! My dog got a couple new lumps but they're just fatty cells so I'm very happy about that. =) Sharon's daughter was really sick for awhile, some kidney problem or other that knocked her out for a week or so, but she's getting better. Patty's partner Joyce was sick too, but she's on the mend, too. Sharon sent Rhapsody a fancy woodburner that she had but wasn't using, and she's been doing some wonderful work with it - you can probably see some of it on her albums. A whole bunch of new REO people now and they seem like a good bunch. =)
    14. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      Hey Dottie, good to hear from you! =D I haven't gotten my MM order yet - things take a song time from the US sometimes, but I expect I'll have it next week. debb got some though, so give her a poke about it too, and see how she likes it. I have my fingers crossed because I have some perfumey cherry that I would hate to toss out. =/
      Yeah, I get most of my juice from ben too, although I got a little from ms. t's bakery that I am enjoying, and I like madvapes banana bread after it sits for long enough. There are a couple things I have though that have been sitting for almost a month and I think they're unsaveable. =)
      Hmm, the highlights have been exciting! Rob had a sale of minis last week, which sold out in 3 minutes. Then today he had a grand sale - 35 mods in 1 minute. O_O The demand has been insane. He's doing another grand and mini sale on tuesday - he has a lot of mods, but isn't doing the all at once sale like before because it was really hard on him.
    15. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      hey dottie! Yeah, I have since found some stuff that I am not keen to try again, that still tastes pretty perfumey. I've gone and ordered some Magic Mask from FSUSA though, and I'm going to see if that actually does magic and make them tasty. If not, then Good-Bye! ;) I figure a little bottle of MM is worth a shot, anyway, even if it can only save a couple juices from oblivion. =) I'll let you know how that works out, too - if it works well then I'm going to keep a supply of it around for just such cases. Apparently it changes the PH of the juice which changes the flavour. We'll see how it goes!

      Hope you're doing well too! I just got off of a 4-day migraine today so I feel better but still sort of nervous - migraines always make me feel like they might be hiding behind a corner ready to jump out at me again. I'm stepping lightly. =) Hope you're having a great season and that you get some holidays too. =)
    16. debb
      hey there...therapy is painful! lol...but i'm getting time consuming.....hope all is well on your end....:)...take care...
    17. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      Hey sweets! Just wanted to talk to you a bit more about my previously hated and now shaken and aged juices: even the banana bread is good now. O_O It was like banana perfume and made me physically ill the first day, but after a week and a few shakes it now tastes great. So much so that I can taste the difference between the bready bits and the caramely/sugary outside that would be the crust of it. I'm in shock - I thought this was such a washout purchase-wise. So there you go, I hope you manage to get some vapes from some of your stuff, too. =D
    18. debb
      just stopping by to say ..HI:)
    19. Jack Murray
      Jack Murray
      Hi hi bitey. =) Hope you're having a good evening! I'm vaping cherry and watching Megashark Vs. Giant Octopus. A definitely fun time. =) Have a good day !
    20. bitey
      Good morning back, although it is now afternoon.
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