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Dec 6, 2012
Mar 27, 2011
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Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Unregistered Supplier, from Las Vegas, NV, USA

ECF Veteran
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Dec 6, 2012
    1. priorities
      Sunny.. thought you would like to know...I just put you in Deals and Steals . and I .added you pretty new banner too...looks so nice ..I love that one!! xo Hope it's a great day by you...hugs...Lee
    2. priorities
      Oh Sunny..!! Someone did a Banana milkshake review on youtube!! meems posted it on the vape happy thread!! yay!!!!
    3. priorities
      When you have time..pop over to the 'fixed' site/thread...lots of chatter !! they are missing you...hugs...xoxo
    4. priorities
      priorities are things..are you ok..all of you?..hope you are taking it easy...just wanted to tell you..if you want..I can go to the 'front' page 'first' of the part 2 Vape Happy thread and fix it for you..add your photo and your pretty Mother's Day ad banner and anything else you want..then when you have a contest..tell me and I will add that too.....the first page of a thread I can do...ha..that's about all I can as far as stuff like that..but I would be happy to help you..I think it's important what new people first see on the actual suppliers thread..u0p to you ....just know I am here for you...hugs...and take good care...Lee xoxo Ps PS..missed ya today...but if you are relaxing...that's a good thing
    5. priorities
      PS- If you want to ..there is another problem..not just for your site but many..once I or anyone posts there..under the above heading 'What's New?' there are 'Today's Posts' and Supplier's Posts-' [that's you] Anyway..if I post should 'go' to the top of the list..for a bit others post in other places, it goes llower..but at first it 'bump' s up ...that is not happening...not just yours..but other's too..not sure if she knows that...that is important especially for you suppliers...just wanted you to know...:) Take care...know my liquids and goodies are coming today..I can 'feel' it :) ! talk to you later on the threads....Lee [​IMG]
    6. priorities
      priorities can even 'write ' on 'this' page case someone comes by...leave general messages, or ? whatever!...xo
    7. priorities
      Hello there sweet Sunny:) I wonder how things are going with the 'thread/site'...I wanted to tell you of course don't have to..but if you want or need reply on this 'profile' page of someones' simply 'click' on their little avatar/pic.. to the left/next to their post...that will take you to their home/profile page.[this one:) ] and you can leave a message just like one in a thread...also..I hope she [the one who helps you] Misty was it..not sure..can help you fix your first page..the one everyone 'sees' when they come..have you ever set it up ..or has she always done that..if you need of us might can mention it on the never know...hope it's a better day...thinking of you...all my best to hubby and gang'....:) Lee [​IMG]
    8. hmlessalky
      Oh my. Could not wait. VL. Best thing I have even inhaled? Absolutely. It gets better? Man, I hope not or I will have to buy stock. tomorrow. Once vacation is over I will start working my way through the catalog.

    9. priorities
      ]That's ok...:) ha...very strange..all of it..:) I have to tell you look at the last few pages of the 'old' thread..and then the new one too...there is someone asking a ? there for you and also in the banana milkshake one I think...I told them you would be around..:) I Think you need for sure to fix your 'first page' pic...the 'guest' that ECF used..just pasted the letters I think...what a kooky night it was..ha..I am glad you found it and you are ok..! Was a bit worried there...ha....ok..I saw I know you found it..just check the page that people see 'when they 'click' on your'll know what I to you soon...hugs..Lee :)[​IMG]
    10. priorities
      I hope you are 'hanging in there' with all of the chaos that happened between here and 'there' are one busy gal:) hugs..wake up to find your site split in 2! That is scary...but we found it :) Hope it all works out ok and you and hubby and all are ok....thinking of you....Lee [​IMG]
    11. priorities
      My had to spend all of your time giving out 'likes' this morning! Thank you and forgive one' giddy' altcig fan! So many did not have to go and like them all :) You are just so sweet...have a great day...will probably 'see' you around..:) Take care...Lee [​IMG]
    12. priorities
      Lots going on at the Vape Happy thread..and the milkshake one too..but I have to let you know...I had to give a proper 'thank you' to you and the crew on the positive reviews for suppliers forum :)....take care...Lee[​IMG]
    13. priorities
      A bit of sunshine coming your way today....[​IMG]
    14. priorities
      Ok that's it..pudding will be on my next order ..the one that follows the one I am waiting on :) ha..thinking ahead already! I started a altcig banana milkshake thread..had to tell everyone about it!! take good care..Lee/Lisa
    15. priorities
      Hi there Sunny gal..:) Hope things are well there for all of you...just wanted to say HI and thank you for the 'likes'...gosh I have mentioned that banana everywhere! Love all of the ones I have so 'mixing' them and having fun..can't wait for my 'goodies' to get here though..sounds like it will be just fantastic...and more banana milkshake on the way...Yay:) have a great day...Lee/Lisa
    16. bacc.vap
      Thanks for the compliment on the avatar, someone had designed that as a backround for a Blackberry. I picked it up about 5 years ago and still use it as a backround on one of my desktops.:)
    17. wv2win
      Thank you for the "like", Boodle. Glad you liked my "older" person story.
    18. LadyVaper
      Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    19. tofucute
    20. Butters78
      I got my juices thank you so much, I've tried the vanilla love it's great. I'm now kicking myself for not ordering more, in due time haha. That gooey butter cake deal sounds really good. Thanks for making my first juice order perfect.
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    Home Page:
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    I was a media buyer for TV/radio. Grateful to get to ditch my 9 to 5 for my passion. Fabulous hubby and a big furry family. Life is good today :)

    All things vaping and animal rescue/fostering.
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