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Feb 25, 2019
Aug 22, 2009
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Jul 19, 1974 (Age: 45)
Home Page:
Toronto, Canada
registered massage therapist

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Vaping Master, 45, from Toronto, Canada

Verified Member ECF Veteran
bornagainst was last seen:
Feb 25, 2019
    1. snicklefritz
      when is the next GTA meetup?

    2. Moshmarr
      MMMMmmm, poutine!
    3. krazie_Kid
      Hey man in chat right now, just wonderin if you are guna pop in?
    4. fwm
      Hi, Born! Quick question - I recently received two auto shorties which I Love, Love! However, they don't seem to want to charge at all on my USB that I have in my car.....I read in a post where you can lightly file down threads to fit cartos if there is a problem, but does that also fix the problem with the charger? I love those batteries, but I do a lot of charging while I'm on the road to work and back. Have been using my wall charger at home, but would like to use the one in my car also. Thanks for helping!
    5. satb813
      How can I join the "Gay Group?" I've seen your posts and thought you would be cool to a newbie...thank you!!!!

    6. krazie_Kid
    7. mmcall12
      Hi Ryan, I want to send some one some boxes of carto how would i put there addy on the sale place,,, I don't want to send them to me then send the to this person. will take over a week and they are out just helping this person.
    8. krazie_Kid
      Hey just stopping by to say good luck and you are going to need to vape a lot with your new job!
    9. tpajames
      Hello, How do I get invited to Gay Group? Thanks, James here
    10. jdvorr
      Dude, I will never look at your avatar pic the same way again. Emu...haha!
    11. dude13248
      Dude, I don't know what the deal is. I am not involved with or own any e-cig company so I would appreciate if you would stop saying that, please? I have a pretty mundane but very high paying career and they don't offer any affiliate program which means.. I get nothing for sharing my OPINION. thanks man- cheers
    12. dk2
      Thanks I just sent him an email about the Johnson Creek sampler!
    13. Joe81
      no problem bud, keep in mind, shipping might take long for these things, i'm still waiting on mine :) it makes just about any 3 piece almost as convenient as a cartomizer...oh btw, when i mentioned its use for refilling cartomizers, i meant by adding the juice from the battery end to u later
    14. bornagainst
      Yeah, those things look cool! I have to get me a couple!! Thanks for the tip!
    15. Joe81
      btw, i noticed u mentioned u hate refilling carts & only dripped with ur 510...i'm the same way as u can tell from my sig...check out e-dobits, they might interested u...i got a couple on the way, i've been told they also work good for refilling the cartomizers...
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    Jul 19, 1974 (Age: 45)
    Home Page:
    Toronto, Canada
    registered massage therapist
    I'm VERY easy to get along with, but annoyed with peoples need for constant, instant gratification.

    hardcore, metal, vaping



    I am an adult. I am a vaper. I do not need over-regulation or any organization telling me what I should or shouldn't do. I can make my own decisions and I can deal with the consequences. Over-Regulation = higher prices for me based on red tape I didn't ask for.
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