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Apr 25, 2019
Jul 30, 2010
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Most Southernly part of New York State
Software Developer / Programmer

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Vaping Master, from Most Southernly part of New York State

Verified Member ECF Veteran
breaktru was last seen:
Apr 25, 2019
    1. Mr.Mann
      You are hilarious!
    2. zippersnapper
      Nice !
      Live to Ride-Ride to Live
    3. zippersnapper
      Is that an old pan head I see there?
    4. Seabrook
    5. Seabrook
      Pssssst, did you drink green beer yesterday? LOL.
    6. Scottinboca
      Happy New Years!!! My this years mods be "awesomer" than last years mods, if it's possible!
    7. Seabrook
      May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter & goodwill.
      And may the year ahead be full of contentment & joy.
      Have a Merry Christmas, dear friend!
    8. Quigsworth
      Hmm, scotch brite pad, I always forget about'd probably help if I didn't use pipe and end caps that haven't rolled around the back of my plumber buddies truck, lol...well at least now I know who to give a "tip o' the hat" to when I release my vv side by side...nice work breaktru
    9. Quigsworth
      I knew I saw a side by side copper have a really nice refined finish to yours, do you clean your pieces up on a lathe?
    10. Seabrook
      Yes it is good to see someone from out here...ti bad there is no store to go and look around.
    12. breaktru
    13. tiffytiff
      thanks so much ;) my hubby bought me a kitchen-aid mixer for christmas last year :) thought i would put it to use, trial and error teaching myself should see my first few attempts! not so much! of course i didnt post THOSE pics lol.
    14. bmwjen
      congrats on turning!!!!
      flamingo & bahama mama were the first ones taken from my diy pile at the last vape meet :)
    15. breaktru
      I highly recommend these DIY flavors:

    16. Seabrook
      Hey ya Breaktru - CONGRATULATIONS on your one-year smoke-free milestone! I still think it's amazing that you could quit before joining ECF - WTG!

    17. MasterofChaos
      Hey breaktru,

      I really like your little buck/boost .44 mod, however I have a question: It looks like you are using a single 14500 (non high drain) battery; didn't you ever run into problems with the protection kicking in at higher voltages? Because I've made some mods with a boost circuit on a 14500, and they seem to work fine at the lower voltages, however above about 4.3 V the battery protection seems to kick in after a few drags. Obviously the 14500 I'm using doesn't like the higher current.

      I think the way to combat this is to use a PWM circuit to "trick" the protection circuitry so it doesn't kick in (kind of like what the eGo does). However it looks like you were able to get the thing to work over the whole range, is that true?

      Nice work on the mod, BTW.
    18. Rockproof
      I think I'm gonna take you up on the offer B. I just have to gather the rest of the grocery list you gave me...then I think it will be a padded envelope to your doorstep.
    19. Rockproof
      Finger lickin...I'm to cheap to mount a fish...No fancy mods for me...all coppers brother:)
    20. Rockproof
      Hey Break. Watched that vid. Very big linesider in that one...Btw, I got that TI chip, now I just need the rest of the parts.

      Here's the other big pig I got. She was 50#'s and 50"'s - Photo by Rockproof

      This is more the speed I usually get here in PA - Photo by Rockproof
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    Home Page:
    Most Southernly part of New York State
    Software Developer / Programmer
    WTC 911 Survivor

    Helping others


    [​IMG]FREE eJuice Calculator mix Nic strengths and flavor recipes. Recipes included. Mod Building [​IMG]
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