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Apr 16, 2019
Feb 18, 2009
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Oct 6, 1971 (Age: 49)
Raleigh NC

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Super Member, 49, from Raleigh NC

ECF Veteran
Bulldog44 was last seen:
Apr 16, 2019
    1. cosican
      wes left you a email i just finished the move it took alot longer than we ever expected, plus I sprained my ankle to boot will try to talk later

      plus I am in w/ whatever u guys decide
    2. cosican
      hey check out the Healthcabin thread on looking for a US distributor, maybe this could fit our guys in Fayettville, lets talk
    3. cosican
      it is always great to see you, Momique, $50.00 for the 510, in 2/3 days
      make sure you tell her about me and u, and our east coast gig, I have been taunting her to support the new east coast store front
      she has 901's and 510 and mini pipes and she is really fun and great charlotte liquids
      vapemeister??? 48mg guy, but things have changed w/ the way to buy it from him

      Truevapor has 36mg unflavored juice, but so does alot of them today

      look up the new PS Prodigy??
      I also have 2 more of the BOX MODS you liked yesterday, the little black box that takes the VK caps coming mid to end of week
      50 bucks, ea?? and another LV, that the guy owes me, so if there is anything you want of all of it scream
      lets talk mid week
      love you
    4. cosican
      hey pal sorry for no contact things have been somewhat challenging I see Tna?? wants to hook up, this weekend that is good for me, tell me when and where
    5. cosican
      morning BD44, checking to confrim we are still on for 11am today at Starbucks at Briarcreek??
      or call my cell 612 219 4937 or I will just see ya there, if NO response
    6. cosican
      BB lets see if we can do a vape sit, early to mid next week
      I am interested in the VK you are happy with I have a new 510 coiming, a new forum pal, was raving on it, plus she was selling it, so for 50 bucks I had to buy it
      also I should be getting Ruyan Jazz disposable cigs I was curious, plus SunVapor was screaming bout it
      we can have a hoot w/ the new stuff
    7. cosican
      BD morning I have been meaning to send a em, hope you have been well
      I received my SD and my mini pipe, now awaiting a few other smaller fill in items
      I promised we would make some plans to hook and review stuff and get aquainted
      lets do what we can to meet, when you may be open I have a kinda half full week
      I will also send you an email
    8. Phalse
      I want animal companion friends :) so I send a request.
    9. Phalse
      Are you a dog profile? or a person hahaha
    10. Becky
      email? I can't find u. theres a million wesley clark hahaha
    11. Becky
      Yes I do... you?
    12. texastumbleweed
      i LOVE bullies! my favorite breed. i am going to get an English or French bulldog when i can afford it. i currently have a PUG and a BOSTON TERRIER!
    13. cosican
      hey pal just checking in still awaiting my mini pipe and the SD, I have not received any confirmation on the SD, so that may take a bit longer than I hoped
      Tried to buy a few things from PS but they were all sold out by the time I got there
      I did buy soime carts, but that aint nothing
      I did buy a few things from Dietsmokes, should have that soon
      will call as all comes in for a vape party

      hope all is well
    14. Becky
      How are you? had a good weekend?
    15. Becky
      Yea I should bring her... I hope its not bad. = (
    16. Becky
      Princess is almost 2 ... I'm kind of freaking out cause she haven't had her lady thing yet. Which is scaring me... I hope my other dogs didn't touch her =X
    17. Becky
      Aweee thats so sweet. Sorry to make you bring up sad things. Bert sounds very caring...That is such a cute name. I name my other dog Joey but I had to give him away. He was too big in my tiny apartment and my dad was scared of him. He was a pitbull but sure don't act like one. That's the other one in the picture that I had up..
    18. Becky
      Oh forgot to ask.. what color was your bully?
    19. Becky
      thank you... = )
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    Oct 6, 1971 (Age: 49)
    Raleigh NC


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