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Jul 20, 2015
Nov 6, 2009
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Feb 13, 1960 (Age: 61)
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Central Coast Ca.

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Unregistered Supplier, 61, from Central Coast Ca.

ECF Veteran
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Jul 20, 2015
    1. HolaAmigos
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

      Have a Safe and a Wonderful Holiday!!

    2. HolaAmigos
      Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

    3. HolaAmigos
      Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

    4. nerak
    5. HolaAmigos
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)
    6. Iluvthearmy
      Hey Buzz,
      Just got the Ipro. love it right off the bat! The new body feels much sturdier and it still kicks like a mule. Great stuff man. You got yourself a permanent customer for sure.

    7. grants1
      Hey bro, was just wondering,

      I pre-ordered an Infinity pro, but after browsing some of the sleek designs, I would really like to own one in black / gold (copper?) end caps instead of all chrome. My order number is #2234, and name, to go along with it, is Grant Sigafoos. Assuming that it isn't built yet, can it be changed?

      Thanks a bunch!
    8. NoMatches
      Mike, just a heads up, your site still doesn't like AMEX... used another card instead. My infinity did loosen more and became unusable, so I'll be sending it back to you, if you recall our previous PM's.... could not go with just one notcigs PV, couldn't wait for the new Buzz, ordered a silver one tonight instead. If something happened to my Buzz now, I'd be up the creek, so I ordered a silver instead of waiting. Very happy with the Buzz... I loved the Infinity when it worked... but still believe in your products, the Buzz has been a life saver.

      Had some trouble printing the RMA form... hand wrote one instead, hope that's OK. I will probably send the Ininity on Friday.

      NoMatches (John White)
    9. NoMatches
      Mike, I got my Buzz! A day before hoped for! And yes, I'd forgotten it had been ordered with an 808. Senior moment. quick question: The silver screw in the 808 adapter, is that there for shipping, or is it a permanent part of the 808 connector?

      I really do appreciate you getting this out to me as quickly as you did. I know you put extra effort into getting it shipped. Thank you.
    10. kooks
      Hi there Buzz,
      I think this will be easier to chat to you about my Buzz instead of via email. I got your email regarding my Green Buzz that had the PCB replaced a few weeks ago but im not sure if you received my reply. I need to get this returned as there is no voltage reaching the atty. Ive put fresh batteries in and checked the voltage but there is nothing, even though the blue light is showing. Ive sent it back to the States twice now and i cant afford to send it back again, and now that Nelson at Ecigswarehouse is your Aussie agent can i send it to him please? As I told you in my email, I have spoken to him and he told me to clear it with you first.
    11. 5cardstud
      Sorry wrong place.
    12. BuzzKill
      USPS tracking SUCKS , it went out but will not always update on the USPS page , If you got the tracking # it shipped
    13. Mr.Self_Destruct
      Hi, i ordered The Terminator on the 21st and got a tracking #, but doesn't look like it was shipped. i was wondering if it had been shipped. It says shipped on your site, but USPS is still showing notified. order #552

      Thank you
    14. BuzzKill
      Cool Bassthumper
    15. bassthumper
      Hey just wanted to thank you for "the Terminator" I got frustrated trying to build one myself so I broke down and snatched one up :)
      Makes my V3 sorta long but MAN O MAN I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for making these available!
      Thanks for sending my things out so quickly! I'll order from you again soon! :)
    16. notsoogood
      Any chance that you will be making the Buzz for the 510 w/o needing an adapter?
    17. JDSupreme
      So excited for the VVPV! It looks to be my next new obsession. Thanks!
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    Feb 13, 1960 (Age: 61)
    Home Page:
    Central Coast Ca.
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    Ca. based MFG company

    Young Dubliners, The Jammies Band
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