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Oct 13, 2012
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Ultra Member, from Within the flame

Verified Member ECF Veteran
    1. JustaGuy
      You need food!! :D

    2. priorities
      {{{{hugs}}}}} and thank you so* thinking of you....hope you and yours have a blessed wonderful Christmas sweet friend* lots of love, Pri xooxxoox
    3. jj2
      What a wonderful way to start the day.

      Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. JustaGuy
      Thank you Campi! You too! :)

    5. IThrenodyI
      Thank you, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!
    6. Hillbillie
    7. Sadluckdame
      Aww thank you, CFG,
      I hope you have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends,
      the yummy food, too.
    8. priorities
      Thank you so very much sweetheart! You too Campit! ..going to my brothers in a bit I hope you and yours have a blessed happy day!!...biggest {{{{{hugs}}}} to you! lots of love, Pri xoxoxoxo
    9. sashwa
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, campi.

    10. starrynight
    11. jj2
    12. JustaGuy
      Thank you for accepting. ;) OK. Henceforth, you shall be known as.....Camp. Welcome the beach again! :D
    13. Reddhott
    14. Hillbillie

      1 month down and a lifetime to enjoy!
    15. JustaGuy
      Welcome to ECF and thanks for accepting the add. What do you prefer we call you? :)
    16. priorities
      You are SO very welcome ! i am not feeling the best so I am not up to following a big thread like GV right now Campi and i just can't play and run there i have too many friends there to do It's best I stay with the smaller threads for now like Mrs Brews. I am SO happy I see you there! Big {{{{hugs}}} and I hope you are almost done with your work day and get home and enjoy and relax sweetheart!! lots of love to you! Pri xoxoxo ~ enjoy the fire~!
    17. priorities
      I thought you might like to have one of your very own sweetheart* {{{{hugs}}} love, Pri xoox

    18. priorities
      Oh thank you Campi* and Yes GV is just too busy a thread for me right now and I hate to play and run on my friends there..and it is just 'too much' for me so i am only at Mrs Brew's for now. I just found out you played a number for me at GV oh Campi! Goodness, that is so very sweet of you * I am touched* Truly I am sweet friend* Thank you so! Aww how thoughtful of you..* You ARE a sweetheart* Just the biggest {{{{hugs}}} to you! Have you in my thoughts* So glad i see you at Mrs Brew's! Lots of love you too, Pri xoxooxoxox and thank you again*
    19. priorities
      You are just a sweetheart! That's all just one sweet'heart'! not feeling well still darn my not be up to posting but just wanted to tell you sweet friend! Big {{{{{hugs}}} to you! Love, Pri xoxo
    20. Reddhott
      stoppin in to say hello!
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