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Aug 10, 2017
Jun 12, 2008
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August 26

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Vaping Master, from USA

ECF Veteran
CaSHMeRe was last seen:
Aug 10, 2017
    1. scythe944
      Hey Steve! I just visited your website today and saw that you're closing up shop. I'm very sorry to see you go and thank you for all of your great customer service and awesome kick ... devices! Still using my legacy and wish you the best! Sorry things didn't work out with PS. Wish you and your family well bro!
    2. 7less7
      Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Hope all is warm, safe, and joyous in your neck of the woods!!!
    3. 7less7
    4. JollyRogers
      Wanna trade an Icon for a Precise;) I want a locking button!
    5. hartastic
      hi idk who i need to talk to i ordered a starter kit and a pcc lastnight but forgot to put my apartment letter which is b in the mailing address part email is but message me on heree im at work and cant get to my email
    6. rob87
      what is the size of the icon in compared to an ego,looks pretty thin(thats what im hoping for..if you cannot compare it do you have the dimensions?
    7. Teo
      The reason my post was deleted?
    8. Esig
      Hi just wanted to find out if you are still active and what is going on with the USA manufactured Prodigy you seem to be very quite on here at the moment?
    9. k9frog
      hey steve k9frog here,can we get this problem dealt with,meaning the 510 v2 adaptor i sent back for replacement close to 3 weeks ago
    10. The_janty_Misfit
      Hi Cash, Happy New Year. Would it be possible to custom order a prodigy II sans logo? If so, what kind of money would be involved?

      Thanks in anticipation of your reply.
    11. flexsr
      steve, do you have any v2 901 base kits in stock..I mainly/solely use cartomizers (.so I think 901 should fit?) that you were all out of stock on v2s..but was PM someone to see how he liked the V2 and mentioned you might have 901 v2 base kit in stock.
    12. Garrell6888
      Steeeeeeve So it took me some time to figure out the V2 but Its hitting great now. When I pick it up for the first time in a few mins, it seems to not work, but i jus tighten the adapter and it starts to work. Once it gets to the end, and wont tighten, I just pull the switch out and start over. Doesnt take me more than half a min to get it working. I cant expect perfection from a brand new device but besides that little problem, this thing is awesome. It is my first 5v, and I will now be a proud customer of puresmoker.

      I hope my troubles will help other people figure out their v2's better, so share my stratagys with people who need help. Thanks for responding to my question so promptly as well.

      Also, just wondering if the v2 has the same problem with other adapters. If not, I might have to try a different one. Which would you recommend?
    13. DaBrat
      I am so confused.. rofl! is the protege 3.7 or 5 V? Do you still sell a dual voltage? A little wary with the hot vape stories.
    14. them0nk
      ... CLICK ME and come say hi. you get free Operator status (you have to register your nickname on the server which i can tell you how if you catch me in the room). put a name in... --- if YOU go in there i'm sure a ton will follow :p
    15. them0nk
      CASH i dont see you clicking the IRC Link. :p
    16. The_janty_Misfit
      A friend gave me the mechanical switch as a present. I'm finding it a disappointment. Do you have a solution?!

    17. tparganos
      I think I need one of those lengthier buttons for the mechanic switch for the protege. Been pressing on this hard since yesterday and my thumg feels like its gonna fall off. My order # was 23059
    18. EcA2AcE
      Hey my Friend, I would Like you to Drop a "Visitor Message" on my Page/Profile telling me 1. Eliquid or Cartomizer? 2. Favorite Flavor to answer # 1 from "Puresmoker"? & 3. What mg of Nic?

      Because Im a Curious Person [​IMG]

    19. EcA2AcE
      Im Thinkin about doin reviews on You Tube, whatcha think of that LOL?
    20. NormC
      Hi Steve. I've been trying to order a Protege 510 from your site for 3 days now with no luck at all. I put the Protege in the cart, fill in the necessary info and when I try to pay the page comes back almost instantly with an exclamation point in a yellow warning sign. I've checked with my bank, my card isn't blocked, my billing address is correct and they have no record of the transaction ever being attempted. I've been corresponding with Casey on the problem, she's made suggestions but nothing works. The only thing I can think of now is that your shopping cart program is rejecting APO addresses.

      If possible could you check on this? If not, no problem. I'll just find another PV I like as much as the Protege, hard to do, and order it instead.

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    August 26


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