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Mar 25, 2011
Sep 13, 2010
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Super Member, from philadelphia

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Chalie_Champ was last seen:
Mar 25, 2011
    1. loxmythe
      Yes I finished it over the weekend. Haven't gotten it all sent out yet but will by Friday. Please Pm me your address again if you would. I have over 500 messages in my inbox and it would save me time looking. No thanks on the cherry cigar. I appreciate the offer though. The mg's are way to high for me - I'm a nicotine wimp.
    2. Liv2Ski
      Chalie- you owe me for this one!! My freakin eyes really had to strain. The stamp reads "Cisco LTD LR". as posted in a few our the threads we both responded in, the only ones stamped are those I purchased from Jason at Vapor flow. The Nhaler ones have a black o-Ring and no stamp. Hope this helps.
    3. jctgh
      Thanksfor helping! Yes, I did blow it out and then redrop. Took it back today and he told us that the batteries were fried b/c of a bad atty. As a matter of fact 3 of the 5 attys we bought were bad!
      Have a great weekend!!!
    4. loxmythe
      I am making it so it will be a while - I don't even have the flavoring in yet.
    5. Hygroscopic
      You sounded like you wanted to make your own. I'm not a fan of some of the backgrounds either, there are a few options.

      You can ask one of the people hosting the script if they will add your background to their choice list. This may or may not mean they want to make it available to everyone. They pay for the hosting, data, space, etc... The worst that happens is they say no.

      As for linking you directly to a vaping script: You will probably have to modify a generic counter/tracking script. I don't know of any open source scripts right now that are specific vaping counters/trackers. I suggest asking to see if there is a scripter here. Someone might do it for free, most won't or the site owner paid someone else/modded the script.

      Better to ask the people who host the banners: "Making a vaping banner counter script?" I know that is what you meant, but sometimes being specific can get you the answer you need. Also it will be more likely to get the attention of those who know.
    6. subperceptual
      I would try it - I used to pull wicks for attys I dripped on - the worst that can happen is that you have to keep it wet ;o)
    7. teabagger
      I used a dremal tool
    8. Liv2Ski
      Yes Charlie Nhaler has one stop shop. That is another reason why I shop with him. a little pricier than others but quality goods, fast shipping etc. Sometimes I will pay a little extra to reduce hassles
    9. Chalie_Champ
      i went to joye tech site and they dont list a price on them
    10. cozzicon
      I don't know. I'm not a price shopper.
    11. Chalie_Champ
      yes thanks sent you one back
    12. Superbals
      I tried to PM you about the atty thread but my sent items is blank. Did you get it?
    13. CB-in-Tokyo
      Hey charlie,

      I don't want to post the tracking number publicly, and you aren't accepting private messages.
    14. Chalie_Champ
      yea i just hate to wait
    15. alnjessie
      how convienent for you though... lol well at least you have tuesday to look forward to
    16. Chalie_Champ
      nah just he forgot and he normally always remembers to get it.
    17. alnjessie
      not sure on that one....did he say he woud get back with u on it and see if he could do something to find it for u?
    18. Chalie_Champ
      i asked him for it a few days ago and he said he forgot to get it for me, is he still able to find the tracking number for me?
    19. alnjessie
      I'm sorry...know your bummed bad you can't go to the postoffice before it closes and see if it came in late today and get it from them or get him to get you the tracking number so u could at least know where it's at...
    20. Chalie_Champ
      Little = yea i hear ya, kids aregreat but it be nice to have them grown and on they still waiting for my damn
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