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Apr 21, 2014
Dec 14, 2011
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February 8
upstate NY

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Ultra Member, from upstate NY

ECF Veteran
Charlz was last seen:
Apr 21, 2014
    1. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    2. Los Marauder
      Los Marauder
      Hey Charlz. Los Marauder here. Sorry to bother you. Can you check on the Echo page. Johnie Price, a new Echo user has a question about Echos and 901 connections. I don't know the answere. I know there is not much left to discuss on the Echo, so we all have trailed off on to other threads. I believe Sir Tumbleweed is realy sick and seeking treatment right now. God speed to a full recovery. Sorry about the long message, and thanks. Your posts saved me a lot of money. I know you will be able to help Johnie.
    3. murrajes
      Hey Charlz! Check out my post on the inhale technique. I did it! I did the french inhale! LOL!
    4. tanikir
      Love your sig!
    5. SCTony
      Hey Thanks Charlz! Yes, thats it. Mtn Vapor is where I got the 'Stardust' as well. I'm off to order... :)
    6. madsen6466
      "I second that. 3.7v is what you have and you'll be able to explore what you like from 1.7ohms to 3.0.

      A bloog is regulated at 3.7 and standard 808 carts fall into the 2.8 ohm range. Follow this calculation by plugging in 3.7 for voltage and 2.8ohms for resistance. Ohm's Law Calculator

      You'll find it's about 4.8 watts that you are vaping at. A lr for an 808 is 2.0. That will put you in the 6 watt range. I personally don't like vaping any higher than 6 watts because the hotter it gets the more it kills flavor so i find I'm happiest about 5 watts.

      But mod owners tell us that vaping at low voltage 6 watts isn't the same as vaping at high voltage 6 watts so someday I may take the plunge"

      Dude - this post blew my mind. I recently switched from an eGo to a 3.7V silver bullet and have been ruthlessly scouring ECF for the knowledge of how to remedy the unpleasant flavor differences. Now I know what ohm-age I need in my cartos to get back to a similar wattage. You just saved my week!!
    7. wv2win
      I agree, Charlz. We need all of us to stand up for our right to vape.
    8. wv2win
      Thank you Charlz for the "like". It's much appreciated.:)
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    February 8
    upstate NY


    No, that is not a Provari in my pocket. So guess what that means!
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