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May 17, 2019
Feb 19, 2013
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Clarksburg, Maryland, United States
Journey Wireman

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Unregistered Supplier, from Clarksburg, Maryland, United States

ECF Veteran

I can also be reached via email at the address in the bottom of my avatar. Sep 27, 2016

Chowderhead1972 was last seen:
May 17, 2019
    1. furie4
      Can you modify several A6 rda's into bottom feed. I'm down to my last RM3 from ReoMods. They no longer carry the RM2 or RM3. I prefer the small chamber, luckily I purchased a cyclone from you in 2015. Avid Vapor has the A6 @ $16.99, High Desert Vapes @$14.99. Would it be easier if you just placed the order? Would you have any bottom feed center pins that would fit the A6 thanks Debra Herndon
    2. Robbert
      I am interested in the 20700 DNA 75 sqounk mod.
      Is there any place or way to get more information?
      Are there any available with a white body with black doors by chance?
    3. Chowderhead1972
      I can also be reached via email at the address in the bottom of my avatar.
    4. Chowderhead1972
      Please do not post questions here; I do not monitor this area. If you would like to contact me it can be done on my actual thread.
    5. Taytanium
      Hi I am really new to ecf. But I came to ecf mostly because I really want to try your attys. I see on the the chapter 3 thread that you are doing a chinarda run and your hype/Matty run. I would really like to get 2 of each if that's possible or just one of each if there is a limit. Being new I'm have a tough time finding how to get on your lists. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    6. vapdivrr
      Not sure the best way to talk with you, although I have seen you around here on the forum, russ/ superxdrifter gave me your name. Anyways i just scored an sva dna 40 squonker and need an atty. Don't know if you have any bf attys, or just modify one that I may send you? Thanks my friend, and once I know the process, I can let you know what I'm looking for. you can just shoot me a PM.
    7. healy9804
      How much would you charge to convert a regular odin to bf and how would you convert it?
      1. gertbfrobe
        Loki labs sells a BF odin.
        Apr 22, 2016
    8. gertbfrobe
      I've got a NIB Rogue that I would like modded for BF. Please PM if you have the time.
    9. furie4
      I ordered several atties from you a year ago. A cyclone and an atomic. The atomics cap and drip tip don't have a tight seal. Now I can't get the cap off of the cyclone. I've been using my rm2 on my Peko which I love Can I send the cyclone and atomic in to you for repairs. Having only one BF Attie working (the RM2 ) has me worried. LOL
      Thanks Debra Herndon
    10. louis
      Have no been on the forums in a while but wanted to see what attys you might have in stock.
      I am having Rob mod my grand to LP with new 510 pin & firing pin & spring so will have more options.
      I really am looking for flavor & not cloud blowing.

      What you got?

    11. Botakkk
      Good day to you,

      I just read that you have ways and tricks to get vape stuffs to my Country, could you help me? please do Pm me...
    12. KalThaxx
      Tom, do you have any stumpy's left with regular caps? could you message me or email is
    13. slightlystoop
      Can you message me have questions!!
    14. skillzizzo
      Hello Tom i dont c how to send u a pm. I just added my self to the thump bf list #6. Please shoot me a p.m when u have the time to let me know your process for transactions. Or my email is skillzizzo @ thank u

    15. jwj63
      I'm wondering if you were able to resolve your issue with SunBox? I'm in a bit of a dispute with them concerning a mod I paid for and the increasingly bizarre messages I get from Paolo as to why he has not shipped the box and his unwillingness to say when he will.
    16. spada
      could you convert my 2014 Cyclone to a bottom feeder and how much$ Thanks,Dave
    17. Markie888
      How can I get on list to pay you for Stumpy with Bottom Feeder ? How long will it take once I pay upfront? Thanks... Greatly Appreciated!
    18. h418982
      Can you PM me? I cannot seem to start a conversation with you.
    19. rudy4653
      Can you PM me? I have a question for you.
    20. richman
      Please put me on the list for a Stumpy.
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    Clarksburg, Maryland, United States
    Journey Wireman
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